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For the next seconds to come, Adrian only remains stiff and silent on his spot, an appalled and thunderstruck look splattered across his face all the while.

Never in his entire life did he experience getting thrown up on. He did prepare himself for something like this, and was even confident that he could handle it as tidy as possible. After all, he himself had been in that drunken state during several occasions before.

But then, Adrian did not expect that he'd be the one catching the mess instead of a bowl.

"Okay, alright..." he then sighed in exhaustion while slumping a little.

"This is gonna be a long night."

Before Adrian went to the bathroom to change his shirt, he made sure that Cassidy was still tucked in bed. He placed some towels and a bowl on the lamp table beside her bed in case she vomited again. With all that, he knew for sure that things would be fine while he's away, especially since he has sped things up on his part.

Changing into a new top had only taken him less than three minutes, but contrary to his expectation, that's just long enough for his wife to plot another mischief.


As soon as Adrian got out of the bathroom, he found Cassidy no longer in her bed. Nonplussed, he searched around the room until he saw that the door had been thrown wide open. That's more than enough to send him sprinting out of there like a madman.

Knowing his boisterous and wild wife, she could be planning anything when she went out of that door. At her current state, it wouldn't be wise to let her out of sight even just for five minutes. For all he knew, she's already sliding down the handrails of the stairs or getting ready for a midnight joyride with her motorcycle.


Much to his relief, though, Adrian immediately found Cassidy in the living room as soon as he took a look from the terrace at the second floor. Judging by the direction she was just heading off to before he called her, she appeared to be planning to go outside.

"What are you doing? It's dark out there, and everyone's asleep by now," he said as he descended the stairs in a hurry.

"Leave me alone! I feel hot. I wanna go cool my head...!" she cried out before patting her pockets and realizing something that made her eyes fly wide open in surprise.

"Hey, wait, where's my key?"


It takes a few more seconds for Adrian to process what Cassidy said. He then finally realized what she's been referring to as she started to scramble and scan around the room in a haste. That's when he crosses his arms and narrows his eyes at her, a stern expression layering over his unsmiling frame.

"You do know that you're not in your right mind to drive right now, right?" he sharply pointed out with a frown, making her flinch a little for a second.

"But I wanna go!" she childishly retorted.

"And I don't want you to-"

Right then, though, Cassidy finally spotted the key of her motorcycle l

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