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Much like his fellow men inside the lounge, Adrian can't help but be completely drawn in just a matter of seconds - almost like this kind of reaction is already inevitable when it comes to his wife.

As if witnessing a goddess descend from heaven, he watches how Cassidy strides inside the room after he and the others finally noticed her. In his eyes, she appears more beautiful than ever. Her grace and elegance are indeed unlike any other - making her stand out like the remarkable woman that she has always been within.

Her crimson red hair is quite a surprise for these gentlemen. As its silky ends bounce a little while some strands get blown behind her, she looks so stunning and breathtaking that they find themselves unable to say anything time and again.

"Welcome back, everyone. I apologize if I interrupt your conversation," Cassidy greeted with a small smile as soon as she reached them, finally making them snap out of their awestruck states.

They only stayed quiet for a moment longer. Each waited for the other to say something. It just happened that they're still not over with their reaction to her new look.

That's until Adrian noticed that the other men were also looking at Cassidy with their own expressions of wonder and fascination.

At this, he finally cleared his throat, deciding to take the lead and make them look away already. The three others then turn back to his direction, both a little taken aback and looking somewhat expectant at what he's about to say.

"You..." Adrian blurted out absentmindedly, catching his wife's attention.

"You dyed your hair?"

"Uhhh... Yeah? Obviously..." Cassidy replied with a matter-of-factly tone before slightly lifting her chin up.

"What's with that look? Can't I dye my hair or something?"

"No, it's not that."

Now that she's looking straight at him, he can't help but be captivated even more than he already is.

As she just stares at him, he feels his face heating up a little. He then realized that he ended up asking what's already obvious after seeing her this up close and getting a bit fl.u.s.tered.

Though Adrian didn't want to admit it, he kept seeing Cassidy as brilliant as a flame ever since she showed her true colors to them. Now that she has dyed her hair in red, she appears to be shining even brighter than before.

To sum it up, he just really wanted to say that she looked good in it.

"By the way, I've heard that my driver yesterday had died. I'm quite shocked, to be honest. May I join in this conversation of yours?" Cassidy started with a solemn look on her face, bringing back the seriousness of their previous exchange.

While Adrian also pulls on a solemn expression at this, Charles and the others appear a bit surprised. Contrary to their expectation, instead of reacting fretful and anxious about the news, she just went straight to business. It's as if the topic of death didn't faze her.

"Of course, you may. Let's

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