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Back when Cecile made a deal with Cassidy, she didn't expect that she would be involved not only in her schemes and trickery but also in her crazy little antics.

To begin with, the head maid didn't know that some of her current goals were riling up her husband and ultimately earning his approval to divorce. Though she already had a clear idea of how the couple's positions had reversed, she wasn't expecting that the wife would do these things to such an extent.

"Ummmm... Ma'am Cassidy...?" Cecile called a bit hesitantly as she watched the redhead from behind.

"Isn't that outfit... a bit too much?"

Cassidy is putting on her matte red lipstick at the moment while sitting in front of her vanity mirror.

This one is already her finishing touch. It took her more than half an hour to get her makeup right, and if it wasn't for the help of a certain maid who had a famous celebrity as her mistress, she would probably take more than a day to get things done. She rarely uses makeup and has never tried out this particular image before, after all.

Going for a m.a.t.u.r.e and s.e.xy look, Cassidy puts on some smokey makeup that is said to work with dark eye shadows and bold lips. Shades of black and grey were used to create a powerful picture. It's a good thing that her eyelashes are pretty long since it blends well with Kohl and eyeliner.

"Smokey is all about the modern day woman who is equal parts graceful and powerful. It has an extremely sensuous appeal without looking too modern or even eclectic," was what Cecile told her earlier when she helped her do her makeup and styled her hair into a messy bun.

As for her outfit, which is the head maid's main concern, Cassidy still goes for leather but with a touch of spiciness this time.

She has a body-con dress with a dark red leather top that reveals a good part of her cleavage. Her black cutout, mermaid skirt displays much of her left leg, showing off more of her hot assets with the trim as well as the toned waist. All in all, she has a sensually sculpted look that is both elegant and stylish.

"Well, if I'm just gonna do it in the end, I better give it my best shot then...!" Cassidy enthused, earning an exhausted sigh from the head maid.

"Besides, it's fun trying out new things like this. Who would've thought that I could have such a model-like body~?"

It's not much of a shocker that Adrian doesn't like the bold and revealing type. After all, he is a neat and tidy man in her eyes. Strictly formal with a bit of coolness is always his style. Only modest and sophisticated kinds of women are fitted to be his complementing accessory.

"Excuse me, Ma'am Cassidy..." called a maid from outside of her bedroom, knocking on the door and addressing her politely.

"The President is asking if you're finished. He already called the driver and was still waiting for you."

"Tell him that I need ten more minutes," Cassidy answered nonchalantly, taking the

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