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Apparently, there is indeed a second floor at that bar and that ends up to be the main reason why Cassidy is able to beat Irish.

Because of how dim the whole place was, it was hard to notice at first. She won't be able to find out had she not stood on that stage. Now, it made sense why she got a louder round of applause.

Performing after Irish turns out to be a good thing. It was actually the blasting sounds of cheering and shouting earlier that attracted a larger audience. With that, more people got to see the next performance, thus the louder round of applause.

"Oh, you lost, Irish-"

"I know that, Olivia!I can see it! Ughhh...!" Irish groaned in miff before storming away.

"Let's go! I want to drink right now!"

"What about the bet?" Olivia calmly asked with her arms crossed, already used to her fits of pique.

"She can just walk up to me and be done with it! I don't care anymore!"

At her childish retreat, the blonde only heaves a sigh. She's just frustrated since it's her first defeat by a landslide. It's her own fault for going first, though. She also knew that she just didn't want to admit how astonished she was at their sister-in-law's singing for a moment there.

'Oh, she's leaving? What a scaredy-cat...' Cassidy thought with an amused smirk when she spotted the twins escaping the applauding crowd.

'Well, I gotta give her credits for bringing in this many people, though.'

She took some more seconds to express her gratitude to the audience before eventually stepping down the stage. That's when she was suddenly surrounded by the people who were with Gertrude during dinner. They gathered around her out of nowhere, completely taking her aback.

"What a splendid performance, Mrs. Millicent! Not only are you so beautiful, but you are also so talented!" Levi commended a bit too ecstatically while the others happily approved.

"Oh, ummm... Thank you," Cassidy replied with an awkward smile, not expecting that they would act this chummy all of the sudden.

"You see, Mrs. Millicent, I've had my eyes on you for some time now. I really think you have the potential to be a star! A supermodel even! Say, would you like to visit my modeling agency one of these days?"


"Excuse me, Mr. Levi..." Gertrude joined in, not liking how this was going.

"I'm afraid I should turn down your offer to my daughter-in-law. Cassidy is just... She didn't really receive any kind of training for that, you see. I'm worried that she would only end up troubling you and wasting your time. Isn't that right, Cassidy?"

Now, that annoys Cassidy.

Her mother-in-law speaks like she owns her - like she's some sort of property. The fact that Levi and the others did not find her wording anywhere insulting made her a little angry too. It's as if they are already used to seeing her like a mere trophy wife who has no say in this kind of matter.

"Mr. Levi is it...?" Cassidy started again and faced the photogra

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