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With her long, silky pitch black hair flowing along with the blowing wind, crimson red irises glued on the path ahead of her, Cassidy silently strides down the airport boarding gate.

As she does so, she can hear a round of chatters and murmurs ensuing all around her. People's heads keep turning to her direction, drawn to her eye-catching profile and imposing aura. She just has this prepossessing figure that dazzles anyone she comes across with despite the fact that she's only wearing a plain apparel this time.

Little did these onlookers know that what comes with her captivating appearance is her distinguished title as the wife of the prominent owner of the country's largest conglomerate businesses.

"Not that I'll continue to be that person, though..." Cassidy pondered quietly, looking through the glass windows with a frown marring her frame.

"Seems like wearing a simple attire doesn't help at all."

In an attempt to avoid garnering attention like this, she decided to dress up as an ordinary person for the first time in her whole five years of marriage life. She also even went here on her own - without any bodyguard, chauffeur or any companion of the likes.

"But then again, escaping this life will not be as easy as changing clothes alone," she thought in dismay before heaving a sigh.

For five years, Cassidy lived a miserable life under the shadows of her unfeeling husband, his contemptuous relatives, and the toxic workplace that he had ignorantly placed her in.

She kept asking herself where exactly she went wrong, but it all just seemed to boil down to the fact that she had hoped too much. Now, it took her this long to wake up to the harsh reality of this fantasy-like, luxurious world.

On her way to board the commercial plane, Cassidy couldn't help but recall this certain chain of events that served as the main reason why she's here now - one that made her realize that enough was enough.

It was during the annual family reunion of the Millicent's the other day.

A stormy whirlwind of happenings went down.

"I can't believe I'd be seeing your ugly face here again."

"You little thing sure knew how to dream big, huh?"

"Staying married for five years? Just how desperate were you this whole time?"

"Then again, you have nowhere to go back to but the slums."

"Leeching off of your huband's wealth like this... How scandalous, indeed."

"Aren't you trying too hard? No matter how much you overwork yourself, you'll still be as worthless as ever."

"You don't belong here at all."

Everyone's venomous words had shot her ruthlessly like a rain of missiles. But as the refined and complaisant wife that she is, she just stayed quiet the entire time.

It's not like she's still not used to this kind of situations, anyway. She often gets by if she'll just play along and let them have their fun.

At any rate, their scornful remarks aren't really the one that hit the nail o

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