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Adrian ends up coming home and seeing something more than he prepares himself for.

Unlike the past days, Cassidy has stayed still inside their bedroom. She never went out again after her meeting with Gertrude earlier, which made even Mia and Anthony concerned.

It just happened that she seemed to have suddenly kept quiet and unresponsive. She didn't go downstairs for lunch and afternoon snacks. All she did was lock herself up inside her room for the entire day.

"What's more, Sir..." Anthony trailed off in the middle of explaining the situation to their boss.

"She somehow got herself a new injury. We insisted to clean up the mess that the Madam left, but she still pushed through and ended up getting cut by the broken teacup by accident."

Adrian can't help but facepalm at this in frustration. There isn't really a day when she's not making a scene. What's more, as if those scars and that burn mark weren't enough, she even got herself a cut.

"And by accident, Ma'am Cassidy didn't really plan on getting hurt, President..." Mia chimed in all of the sudden after seeing his displeased expression.

"She seemed kinda distraught and out of it for a moment there. That's probably why she mishandled it."

Right after hearing this, Adrian can no longer find it in himself to stay there and continue listening. He doesn't know what exactly gets to him, but he just feels the urge to stir his stumps at once. With that, he excuses himself out of their conversation and makes his way to his bedroom upstairs.

Just as what Mia and Anthony said, Cassidy had locked herself up inside, which still managed to take him aback even though he's already aware.

"Eleanor, open up. What in the world are you doing there?" Adrian called out, which was immediately answered by the sound of approaching footsteps.

"Oh, you're here!" his wife greeted as soon as she opened the door, beaming a little.

"Why did you lock it?"

"Oh, umm... I was just busy."

"About what exactly-"

Then, he paused.

He ended up halting on his tracks the moment he walked inside the room and saw what she was probably pertaining to. It just turned out that their bedroom had been rearranged - with their beds much further away from each other.

While the wife's was moved right beside the wall near the balcony, the husband's remained on his usual spot. That's as good as ten feet away according to his estimation.

"I hope this lessens your annoyance. Also, it's my form of apology for kicking you last night... My bad," Cassidy started once more, making his eyes widen a little in surprise.

"You're apologizing...? By distancing yourself?" Adrian blurted out incredulously.

"Uhhh... yeah? Isn't this what you want?"

Now, Adrian feels stupid.

It's as if their roles have been reversed all of the sudden.

In all actuality, he also prepared something to bring up what happened last night. But then, while she decided to addres

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