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Soon enough, the merciless downpour finally let up.

Both thunder and lightning eventually took their leave, paving way for the coruscant glow of the moon to shine through. Its shimmering pool of light scatters all over a clear and cloudless night sky along with a sea of gleaming stars.

With that, the curtains of a beautiful and reposeful evening fall over at last, ending Cassidy's show of nightmarish fears.

"It's already been almost half an hour since the rain stopped, but..." she grimaced in silence, mustering a straight face all the while.

"Bossman is still clinging onto me for some reason."

If only she could recover from all the shuddering and cowering she did as fast as she started to do so, she would've hastily scurried away from Adrian like a deer that had been caught in the headlights. She'd definitely react that way since he just saw her greatest weakness of all time.

It's mortifying to say the least as she had always been doing good in hiding it. She never wanted anyone to know about it, which was the reason why she decided to part ways from him earlier. Right now, though, she would have to think of a way to get around this situation.

"Ughhh...So much for escaping the rain either. He really didn't have to run after me, though..." she thought with a pout.

In all actuality, Cassidy just realized how awkward and misleading their position was right after she fully recovered a minute ago. She was still trembling in fear when the rain finally piped down so she really didn't mind how he's practically caging her in his arms the whole time.

Cassidy also knew that Adrian had been murmuring something over and over again, but she couldn't recall what it was since she's too focused on the thunderous growling noises and flashes of lightning up until the very end. Her mind just happened to zero in that horrifying scenario - with his warmth serving as her remaining grip on reality.

"Oh, you're not shaking anymore..." Adrian softly mumbled in relief out of nowhere, taking Cassidy aback.

He seems to be getting chummy with how he suddenly squeezes her tighter once more. As if his arms are not enough to engulf her, he even dips his head down and nuzzles his nose in the crook of her neck.

Now that the fact that he keeps initiating these intimate gestures finally registers in her head, she can no longer stay stupefied and speechless.

"Hey, bossman-"

"Cassidy..." he then breathed out all of the sudden, flummoxing her even more.

Him calling her first name already pulled the last straw for her.

With a flabbergasted look on her face, Cassidy bolted away in a manner so abrupt that she ended up scooting a few good inches far from Adrian. Caught off guard by how she unceremoniously broke physical contact, his once dreamy smile and starry stare dropped almost instantly.

With that, the two find themselves exchanging nonplussed gazes for the next seconds to come. While Adrian tries t

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