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Damien and his brothers went to visit the hospital three days after the incident.

While his younger siblings may not be aware, he finds out that the suspect behind the car crash is none other the person he has been suspecting that whole night. He didn't expect that Edward would take his words seriously, but considering how grave the situation was and how much he tried to sound as believable as possible, he might have been convincing enough.

Even then, there is still something else that everyone doesn't know yet.

Other than Sophie, Damien has also seen a certain someone that time.

'I should tell Dad about it. For the past days, he was so busy in dealing with the aftermath of those events that he could not even go home. We barely ever saw him lately.'

At the moment, they are about to arrive at the private hospital room where Adrian is staying at.

What they saw there was nothing short of what Damien expected. The place appears depressing and heavy with tension. Light subdued by the dull weather outside filtered through the windows in the room, giving it a gloomy feel.

Olivia sat on a chair, her face flushed and tear-stained as she dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief. Her eyes are glassy and swollen red, making her look so hunched and exhausted. Edward is sitting beside her with an arm around her petite shoulders and the other rubbing soothing circles on the top of her hand.

"Daddy! Aunt!" Hugo called as he ran towards them, already feeling like crying himself.

Joshua follows after him to meet the adults. That is until both of them finally notice the patient they have mainly come to see. They stiffen on their spots at that very second, not really expecting how bad he would look like.

Along with the myriad of strange smells are the beeping and bopping sounds that came at different intervals, forming these soft whirring noises that can be heard in the background. The smell of disinfectant and analgesic are not that strong but noticeable. There is a nurse who is rounding the bed in the middle of the room, looking at the machines and jotting down notes on a clipboard methodically.

Their eyes then fell on the unconscious figure on the bed - on the inert body dressed in a pale blue robe and sunken chest deep into pristine white sheets. His skin looks pale while his cheeks are flushed with sickness. A tube of sorts is attached to his mouth and connected to a ventilator at the side.

The great majority of his head is wrapped in thick, white bandages. All over him is a few more cables and tubes that are connected to his body in some way - on his chest underneath the robe and on his temples, tethering him to all the strange monitors around him.

Adrian is breathing slow, trembling a little with every try as if he is struggling to suck in even the simplest of breaths.

"Uncle... Bossman..." Joshua muttered in aghast shock and dread while Hugo started tearing up from beside him, prompting Edward to l

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