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Both Mia and Anthony were in a world of confusion ever since Cassidy and Adrian arrived.

Everyone back in the Millicent's residence had already been informed of what happened. News traveled either from TV reports or the houseworkers' regular doses of rumors. At the very least, they have got the gist of the seriousness of the situation. But what they don't know is that everything they have come to learn is merely the tip of the iceberg.

When Cassidy and Adrian returned, the unease was palpable.

As usual, all the maids and menservants had gathered outside of the mansion to welcome them. Though they do get a little tense every time they do this, it is different this time. That was not only because of the string of incidents that had taken place around the family, but it was also because they were starting to change their perceptions of this particular couple.

"President Millicent... Ma'am Cassidy... Thank goodness you are both safe and well," was what Mia greeted that time - her first words to them in quite a while.

"We were waiting for you. As the President ordered, we already began arranging everything," was what Anthony said in the middle of their exchange of greetings.

They could see how Cassidy reacted taken aback by that. She then shot Adrian a puzzled look to which he only spread a knowing smile in return.

From that point on, the houseworkers have begun to earn their suspicions. The air around them just seemed both light and heavy - it was bewildering. Other than that, the way they looked at each other was almost enough to tell them that something had changed.

"I really hope that you did not do something as absurd as building a remodeling of the Antarctica or getting a penguin as some domestic pet," Cassidy spat out with a flat tone.

"No, I didn't. I've done something better..." Adrian retorted with a wider smile and a pair of grinning eyes.

"Say, would you like your own aquarium in our home?"

As if that rare expression of his is not enough, he has to go and drop the revelation that the luxurious set-up that they have been working on since yesterday is actually a present for his wife.

The houseworkers are all astonished, of course.

Then again, that is not just any ordinary aquarium. It is a whole whopping conservatory that is filled with class and elegance, an expensive collection of aquatic animals, and an ocean-themed decorum. They had mistaken all that luxury for his own personal benefits only - more particularly, for therapeutic purposes, considering that he had quite a detrimental experience a few days ago.

'However, that surprise of his was not really what surprised me the most. It was Ma'am Cassidy herself...' Mia thought while she was taking in the response that Cassidy made to that.

'She didn't seem to be as pleased as anyone would have expected.'

And with this going down, they find themselves in a world of confusion since their return.

The signs are every

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