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With how much Cassidy laughed back at the ice cream shop, she suddenly threw up a little in the end.

As if that was not enough, she also had a stomachache for gobbling up too many desserts. Damien and Aira had to wrap her arms around their shoulders to get her walking without staggering. And with that, they headed out of the store. She continued trudging around for some time, and she kept using them as some sort of canes.

"Gosh, big sis. I feel like I'm fetching my drunk mother from a night club," Aira sighed with her arm still wrapped around her waist to support her.

"I'm glad to see that Aunt is doing great. Even her appetite for sweets didn't change," Damien beamed at both of them, finding the situation amusing.

"I wonder why she still hasn't gotten fat, though. Aren't they full of calories or something?"

"Well, she's probably doing enough exercise to make up for it. Or maybe it has something to do with what they call human metabolism. She'll also stay slim if she's genetically predisposed to that body type."

"Wow... Quote me science, nerd-brain."

As Cassidy continues to walk between them and listens to their conversation in silence, she can't help but smile to herself.

These two really have some parallelism with her and a certain husband of hers in the past. But more than that resemblance, she is glad that her nephew has finally found himself a friend - a real one, she guessed. He no longer appears as lonesome as before, and he even becomes a bit chattier.

"Say, you two...!" Cassidy enthused out of nowhere, putting her arms around their shoulders once more and pulling them closer to her.

"Wanna hang out a little bit more tonight?"

"Oh, you're inviting me for dinner, Aunt?" Damien blurted out with an ecstatic grin.

"Not just any dinner~ You see, Damien, we're doing something special every weekend night. If you want to, you can pay us a visit at my restaurant."


"Big sis, is this karaoke night again...?" Aira chimed in and pouted.

"I swear I'm not gonna sing in front of Damien. You know how I sound like."

Cassidy only blinks at her before bursting out in laughter again. Going by how she is blushing and fidgeting like a timid little girl, it seems like she sees him more than as a friend. But for now, she is not going to assume anything yet.

"Alright, then. Let's do some video game night!" Cassidy chirped, making Damien and Aira brighten up in excitement.


Bryan only watches in silence as Cassidy and Aira prepare everything they need for their weekly hangout night.

The tables are set up in the lobby, and so are the food and drinks. A widescreen monitor paired with different kinds of game controllers, consoles and VR boxes have been brought out as well. For tonight, they also served more snacks and savories than usual.

Now, the only ones missing are the guests.

"What a way to spend your money, Ma'am Cassie..." Bryan commented with an amuse

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