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It's almost past twelve in the evening when Edward finally finished everything he had to do for today.

The arrival of their private chopper earlier had hauled yet another pile of things to do, causing him to retire this late. It just happened that Charles and the other men he sent to search for his brother and sister-in-law had brought back more than a bad news.

They revealed the burnt condition of the car that was supposed to take the couple to the party, which explained why they arrived in a motorcycle instead.

"What in the world was that all about? Those two acted like nothing went down at all, and if it wasn't for Charles, I wouldn't know that something this bad had actually occurred," Edward pondered heavily as he walked down the hallway leading to his sons' bedrooms.

He knew that Adrian was only looking out for his nephew when he decided to stay silent about this until the end of the event. His brother didn't want to disrupt the celebration or alarm the guests by reporting the situation. Even when he already did, though, he said that he would just look deeper into the matter tomorrow morning.

Despite the gravity of this incident, Adrian chose to save it on the next day since he didn't want to leave Cassidy on her own for too long. He didn't really say this out loud to Edward, but he could already tell when he went ahead and hasten out of the mansion as soon as the party was over.

Even their mother and sisters weren't able to change his mind to stay with his wife this time around.

"Cassidy, huh... At what extent did she really change for him to say those words earlier?" he wondered silently, recalling his brother's confession before his sister-in-law left the scene.

In any case, he felt he had done enough for today. He was already exhausted from handling his son's birthday party and that thing with the burnt vehicle. Guessing the current state of the couple's relationship might end up eating away his remaining strength and energy.

With those thoughts in mind, Edward picked up his pace and soon arrived in front of Damien's bedroom.

He immediately heard a round of ecstatic chatters from inside the room as soon as he stood by the door. It seems like his sons are still up and about at this hour.

"Oh, man... I'll never get tired of looking at it," chimed his second son with an effervescent tone.

"Yeah, it looks really cool," seconded his elder brother.

"Hey, can I borrow it-"

"You don't even know how to use it."

"I promise I'll learn!"

"But big brother..." called the youngest who sounded concerned.

"Daddy might get mad at you. Isn't that toy not allowed in the house?"

Then, silence.

Edward can picture Damien slumping at this. He also doesn't need to look just to know what they are talking about. Despite his hesitation to barge in their stealthy conversation, he still went and opened the door before finally entering the room.

"Boys, why are you st

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