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With her eyes widening in surprise, Cassidy only stares back at Cecile for the next seconds to come.

The way the head maid glowers at her like a pugnacious beast is telling her that she judged wrong. She has more fangs than the ones she showed, and she's not that gullible enough to fall for her bribery, especially right after she tricked her.

'I may be greedy, but I still think wisely. I will not lose anything if I choose to continue siding with Ma'am Irish. On the other hand, if I go to her, who knows what she wants me to do once I accept the deal...?' Cecile pondered deeply until she suddenly thought of something that made her smirk schemingly.

'Or better yet, I should just accept it! Siding with her doesn't mean I'll have to betray Ma'am Irish completely. This simple-minded woman wouldn't even know if I decided to stab her on the back. With that, I can get the jewels and be a spy for my mistress at the same time.'

While she's having these mischievous thoughts in mind, Cassidy only stays quiet. She can sense that she's plotting yet another scheme in her head. It shows through her conniving expression.

"You... didn't want to accept my proposal?" the redhead asked incredulously, still looking dumbfounded.

"Hmmm... Well..." the head maid thought out loud while pretending to be contemplating about it.

"I suppose it depends-"

"But Cecilia, you don't really have a choice here, you know."

At that, Cecile froze.

Cassidy sounded so assertive and firm as she dropped yet another flummoxing remark. All the while, she's making a cold and steely expression. Her wide crimson red orbs seem to be glowing menacingly as if taunting her wordlessly.

Time and again, she has something to retaliate. Just when Cecile thought that she ruined her plan by refusing her offer, she suddenly disclosed something at the last minute.

"After all, if you don't do as I say..." Cassidy trailed off before walking closer to her, making the head maid flinch and back away in confusion and perturbation.

"I'll make sure to reveal your dirty little secret to everybody and drag you to jail."

That's when she suddenly turns to the side and looks at her bed, making her do the same.

Cecile whimpered in aghast shock and dread as soon as she found her cellphone hiding between the pillows - with only its glinting camera lenses peeking out in the open. As it continues laying there, it proceeds to capture more of her unsightly expressions of horror and trepidation.

At that very moment, the head maid feels her soul leaving her body.

It turns out that Cassidy is filming the entire thing all along - from start to finish.

"You were so confident that no one would believe me if I told everyone about your misdeeds, and that gave me this idea. Thank you for that..." she continued with a mocking tone, making her shudder in fear.

"You think that the Millicent's would tolerate a thief like you? Two of them may be b

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