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Cassidy got tired of messing around that morning.

Adrian probably s.u.c.k.e.d out her energy when he s.u.c.k.e.d her finger earlier. She felt lazy to the bones. Because of that, she just decided to coop herself up in her bedroom and lock the door to avoid a certain human-hand-harasser from entering.

"Or it's just because I played too much with the boys yesterday...?" she wondered out loud as she continued lying on her bed and burying her face in her pillow.

"Well, I enjoyed it, anyway. Been a while since I played that much."

Cassidy recalled what she and her nephews did after swimming until noon yesterday. They freshened up for a while once they got back in the mansion. Afterwards, they proceeded to play some board games, tag and hide-and-seek. At some points, they just talked idly among themselves.

Looking back at those now, she suddenly starts missing the other children in the orphanage.

"How are they now, I wonder? I don't know how I can contact them. I couldn't look up their contact number at all, and for some reason, nobody knew about the name of that orphanage. It makes me not sure if they're still there..." she mumbled to herself, remembering how she made several attempts to reach them when she was still a few weeks into having no memories.

"Eight years are quite a long time. Many things could've happened with them that I couldn't recall anymore."

At first, Cassidy decided not to trouble herself so much over it.

She was still busy adjusting in the life she woke up to, after all. Every time she thought about her previous home, her worries and concerns about adapting in a new, unfamiliar world would pop up and occupy her head. She couldn't get a break at all.

"Let's worry about that again once I find a way out of here. Take it little by little for now.... Baby steps, Cassidy... Baby steps..."

While having this train of thoughts, someone knocked on her door.

Thinking that it's her husband, she just pouts and rolls on her stomach. She then makes a loud groan to let him know that she is still not getting over what he has done to her earlier.

"Go away, bossman. I'm sleeping," Cassidy grumbled while pretending to be grumpy and sleepy.

"Then, why are you talking, Ma'am Cassidy?" said a different person, taking her aback and making her sit up on her bed.

"Huh? Cecilia...? Is that you?"

"May I come in? I have to tell you something."

Sensing serious business, she did not spare any more second and went ahead to open the door for her.

As soon as she sees the head maid, the first thing she notices is the phone in her hand. It appeared like she was just on the phone earlier. Going by the solemn look on her face, she could tell that it had something to do with their deal.

"Ma'am Irish just called. She asked me if you will go to their family dinner later tonight, and I said that you're going," the head maid disclosed with an enigmatic tone, making her lips curl

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