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After a few rounds of trying out various gambling games at the casino, Gertrude and her companions eventually decided to pay a visit to the bar.

They've been seeing how people were rushing there for a while now. Many customers are going straight there right after entering. They haven't even roamed around the casino yet, which made their current location less packed than earlier. It's giving them the impression that something got them drawn over that place.

As soon as Gertrude and the others got there, they were a little surprised to find that the place was a bit too quiet to be considered a bar.

"This is the bar, right? Why there isn't anyone dancing or something?" Levi thought out loud - which everyone else could not help but think the same.

"Hmmm... There might be a show going on..." Gertrude presumed before going ahead and walking further inside with the others in tow.

"Oh, see? Someone's on the stage-"

Right when they got a clear view of the platform, they all came to a halt.

Gertrude abruptly cuts herself off as soon as she recognizes the person who is about to perform. It turns out to be not just anyone.

At that second, she also finally realizes why some people are only speaking in low voices while others remain speechless. The air around this certain performer is just so striking that it grips their full attention.

Cassidy is standing in the middle of the stage, a microphone in hand.

Amidst the coruscant glows of the venue's illuminations and the hushed chatters, she appears as radiant as a star. Everyone can't help but behold her spellbinding beauty with awe, inevitably mesmerized. She has this self-possessed and confident look on her face that conveys a kind of attitude that people don't usually see on her.

While Irish got herself a boisterous crowd earlier, Cassidy got everyone silenced.

'Well then, here goes nothing,' she thought as she took a deep breath and raised her mic.

With that, a piece of soothing, saccharine music begins to flow through the air.

It's a love song - a melancholic one.

She starts singing it as if she's stirring their souls and touching their hearts. Just a few notes in and nearly everyone there is already feeling some kind of exhilarating chills. There is just something in her angelic voice that is so riveting that it takes them to quite an emotional journey. It sounds more heavenly than the softest of singers.

Her voice is immaculate and ethereal.

Now, Cassidy doesn't only own the stage, but she is also in control of their feelings.

At least, that is how Olivia sees the whole thing.

While Irish stands beside her and continues watching Cassidy with a peeved expression, she is barely hiding how charmed and entranced she is. She can feel her emotions ascending from within, stirred by her sister-in-law's divine singing.

Perhaps, this is not mere fascination. Olivia senses that it's an eye-opener in the making. Now, she is almost conv

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