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Cassidy feels like dying for good at this very moment.

On second thought, skateboarding may not be a good idea to blow her boredom away in the end. That is especially when the person is someone who just got out of the hospital and still has her wounds from a detrimental crash.

"Please hold on a bit longer, Ma'am Cassidy," the head maid calmly told her, an aloof expression splattered across her face.

It just happened that Cassidy had reopened her wounds after that stupid stunt she made at the staircase earlier.

She didn't fall over or anything, though. She knows she's too awesome to make such a rookie mistake.

What happened was that her landing became too much for her newly-recovered body to hold. All that skating and flipping caused her wounds to reopen as a result.

Now, Cassidy finds herself being treated by the head maid in the lounge a moment after shouting in pain and dropping dead on the floor.

She keeps wincing, but she just represses any noise. Screaming at something like this might make her look like a weakling in front of everyone here.

"Why were you doing something like that in the first place, Ma'am? You're even running away from our maids and manservants. They all clearly had heart attacks after you collapsed all of the sudden," Mia sternly chided while applying a new bandage on her wounds.

"My bad, my bad... It's stupid, I know, and you're probably gonna scold me like what bossman kept doing whenever he saw my face," Cassidy apologized nonchalantly while scratching the back of her head, making her blink in surprise.

"Boss... man?"

"That President, I mean. He doesn't like it when I do this kind of stuffs. Oh, and I'm sorry for bothering you and disturbing your work too, but it's just that... I really got bored, alright? I was so bored that I thought I was gonna die!"

Mia just shoots Cassidy an incredulous look, finally getting a closer view of the change in her.

Everyone may be already aware that she lost her memories from the plane crash, but they didn't have any idea that it would throw them into this world of surprises. Their mistress had really turned over a new leaf - or more appropriately, she had gone back to her old self that no one had ever known about.

"Ma'am Cassidy, do you love the President?" Mia asked out of nowhere, wanting to entertain her curiosity as fast as possible by getting straight to the point.

She visibly comes to a pause at this fastball of a question. The head maid isn't seem to be the type who holds back.

Now that Cassidy is having a closer look at her, she can tell that she's indeed a stern yet straightforward person. Her trademark facial expression is an aloof one. If not, it's the austere one.

"Well, that's what people keep saying and thinking. It really does appear like my a.d.u.l.t self has come to love him..." Cassidy continued before replacing her ponderous frown with a self-assertive smirk.

"But if you're ask

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