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As much as Adrian didn't want to admit it, the fact that his mother just dropped a visit in their mansion was weighing heavily in his mind all throughout the day.

Knowing how much of an unreckonable being Cassidy can be, he can't help but be bothered by what will happen. Gertrude is intolerant and very hard to please, after all. He doubts that she'll have the same response as their houseworkers once she meets the old version of her daughter-in-law.

But then, instead of being troubled by what his mother's reaction will be, he finds himself more worried about how this meeting will affect his wife.

"My mother can have such a sharp tongue most of the time. She pours scorn on people as if merely pouring a hot cup of tea. Even I have a difficult time dealing with her sometimes," Adrian thought silently, his mind far from the board's ongoing meeting.

He is now inside the meeting room along with Sophie and the other board members. The speaker is presently discussing a monthly report in front of everyone, which he knows should be the one he's focusing on instead of his current train of thoughts.

As Adrian tried to push this aside and concentrate on the meeting again, though, he suddenly felt something soft hitting his leg below the table. Taken aback, he leaned back a little and took a look - only to find Sophie's leg c.a.r.e.s.sing his.

Not amused by this flirtatious display, he scoots away and turns to his side with his brows scrunched tightly together in miff. That's when her sultry look comes into view, catching him off guard once more.

Adrian isn't really one who tolerates this kind of improper behavior inside the workplace, but even then, he can't do much but simply put his distance and evade. After all, Sophie has a very close relationship with Gertrude, which is why he can't use his usual stoic response to women who'll try to seduce him.

"Mother is really supportive of her career as a businesswoman. She has high regards of her because of her outstanding achievements. That's also why she had tried to arrange us to get married in the past, but only to fail after my grandmother stepped in the scene," he found himself recalling before heaving an exhausted sigh.

Fortunately for Adrian, he did not have to endure another woman's attempt to flirt with him since the meeting eventually ended a few minutes later.

Not really up for continuing any other work for today, he just decided to leave a bit earlier than usual and go home. On his way back to the mansion, though, his mind is once again being invaded by thoughts of his wife, not giving him any sense of ease and rest at all.

"Ughhh... Why are women bothering me all around the clock today?"

For some reason, Adrian found himself wondering if Cassidy was still mad at him. He's also a bit concerned about how she'd been faring after meeting his mother this morning.

"Now that I thought of all these, I kinda realized that her first two days at th

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