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This ongoing heart-wrenching scene before Adrian makes a not-so distant memory pass through his mind all of the sudden.

He can't remember when exactly it happened, but he can recall that it was also raining so hard that evening. The two of them had just retired to bed when the thunder started rolling and lightnings went striking.

For the first few seconds, Adrian could hear Cassidy whimpering faintly all the way from her bed. He's still half-awake at that time. A moment later, he suddenly felt her frantically shaking him from behind.

Taken aback, he then turned to look at his wife - only to find her fidgeting on her spot and fiddling with her fingers nervously.

"C-Can we share a bed tonight?" was what Cassidy asked him timidly.

"Why?" was what Adrian remembered himself replying nonchalantly.

"B-Because I want to...?"

"Quit it, Eleanor. I still have work tommorow morning. Just go to sleep."

Thinking that it's only one of her tricks to get close to him and do all of that lovey-dovey stuff again, Adrian only chose to shrug her request off and put not much thought into it. He then went back to sleep while Cassidy had no choice but to cower under her blanket for the rest of the night.

Ever since then, he never got a similar request again - even after an eternity worth of thunderstorms passed by. All the while, he remained as clueless as ever, which both meant that he didn't really care and she was good at hiding her petrified reaction every single time.

Now that Adrian finally realizes why Cassidy came up with that request in the first place, he feels himself shattering into millions of pieces.

His c.h.e.s.t can't stop recoiling as that flashback keeps playing in his head. His expression can't help but contort into a tremendously regretful and guilt-ridden one. His entire being at that very second begins to break like a piece of glass.

More than anything, though, Adrian feels very, very mad at himself.

"I'm such an asshole..."

That's when he eventually stops asking Cassidy to look at him and just goes ahead to wrap his arms around her trembling body. He then pulls her so close that there's no longer any gap between them. With his huge arms and build, he's practically engulfing her small frame.

She reacts thrown off guard as soon as she finds herself crashing onto his sturdy c.h.e.s.t. His body heat that travels through her skin at that very moment has offered her much more than a portion of his warmth -

It offers a soothing sensation that somehow eases her shaking for a tiny bit.

As much as Cassidy wanted to question this uncalled-for gesture, she still couldn't find the strength to lift her head. The weather is just getting worse at that point, making their situation even more despairing.

The two of them look like a homeless couple right now, all drenched in rainwater and shivering in the cold.

But even then, their pitiful position didn't make Adrian wave

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