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Sophie has lost it for good.

Much like her driving, she has no control of her emotions anymore. Seeing Adrian hold Cassidy so dearly had pushed her far enough. Envy had completely taken over her, which was followed by many more rioting feelings. She was as enraged as she was discontented. Her patience had already reached its limit.

She could no longer tolerate how she kept missing and missing.

"That ugly freaking bitch...! Why can't she just die already...?!" Sophie bolted out while steering her wheel and driving her car like a madman.

"Because of her, I'll be getting myself in trouble! Tonight was supposed to be the last one! This was the last one! He won't let me get away with it anymore! If she doesn't die, he won't...! He won't let me get away again!"

Blinded by her raging fury, she only passed through all of the police officers and other emergency service staff who tried to make her stop and keep her from going any further. At that point, she didn't care anymore. She didn't care if she got busted out after this. Besides, she still has that certain someone to back her up. There really is nothing to worry about.

All Sophie has to do is to finish what should have long been finished - to kill Cassidy.

"Die, you fucking bitch...!!!" she exclaimed as she stepped hard on the gas, causing the vehicle to speed up even more.

"Die...! Die...! Die...!"

Eventually, the car crashed onto someone, but it was not her target.

Her eyes bulge wide in utter shock the moment they lay on Adrian. He has pushed Cassidy out of the way with impeccable timing. As a result, he got the perfect range to receive the impact. Yet for as brief as a second before he got thrown in the air, his eyes met with hers.

And Sophie felt like fainting right then and there.


Even then, she continued to drive. Though thoroughly shaken, she continued.

She did not look back. Forcing herself to focus on escaping, she just went on and on. Despite the unbearable dread, guilt, and horror that were gnawing at her insides at that very moment, she only carried on - like how she used to do all the time.

Then, for some reason, Sophie found her life flashing before her eyes all of the sudden.

She is a determined and strong-willed woman. Her overflowing self-confidence always gets her looking at every challenge straight in the eye and even giving it a wink. She never stops at any hurdle nor does she falter in the face of any problem. Her relentless attitude makes her remarkable -

Or at least, it is remarkable only in certain situations.

When it comes to dirtying her hands, she is just as determined and strong-willed. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Her greed is her confidence, and her envy is her motivation. Despite how warped it was, she embraced it wholly as it was the reason why she's where she was today. She is remarkable - both in a good and bad way.

That being said, Sophie always goes

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