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As Cassidy only continues staring at Adrian, she realizes something that she thinks she has been disregarding for too long.

That gentle look, his affectionate touches, and all these romantic gestures - they are enough to tell her that he is indeed in love with her. He has come to care for her even more than she can imagine. This time around, they are genuine. He is no longer playing along in this arranged marriage of theirs. His sincerity is unmistakable, especially since he does not try to hide it.

Then again, this man has always been a genuine one.

Genuinely indifferent, and genuinely caring - either way, he acts unfeigned.

'Well, it is as I believe - he is a good person deep within, but...' Cassidy thought as she kneeled beside Adrian to take a closer look at the penguin he was petting.

'It just can't work anymore. This doesn't seem right.'

She feels like she is the one who is only playing along this time.

At this point, she has not completely recalled all of her memories. Most of them are even blurry and hard to make out. Even then, she could tell that she had been through a lot of pain in her relationship with him. That was why if she would be given a chance to fully remember how much she had loved him all those times, she would rather choose not to do so.

Everything can only get worse if she remains, and she herself has had enough. She is tired of getting her hopes up too much - she is tired of being led on all the time.

"Say, Cassidy..." Adrian called all of the sudden, stealing back her attention.

"Do you like penguins? We can take some back at home."

"Huh?" was all Cassidy could blurt out, entirely dumbfounded.

"I mean, we can have a penguin as a pet if you want. I'll also build something like this snow world thingy inside the mansion-"

"Hey, wait, wait! That is too much!"

"Don't worry. The head of this aquarium park is an acquaintance of mine. We did business together before."

"That is not the point. I don't really need something like this."

"I know, but what I am asking is if you want it."

Perhaps, she will not be able to play along with him from time to time. She nearly forgot that he was one who would exaggerate things like this. The thought does count and all, but at the same time, she also can't lead him on by accepting every single thing he presents to her.

"No, it's fine. Besides, I think penguins are better off not being kept as pets..." Cassidy muttered with a downcast gaze.

"They should be free."

And as she said that, she felt like she was also talking about herself.


From a number of special exhibits to more public displays, the two of them have the whole aquarium park to themselves to explore.

Without even noticing it, Cassidy had gone and enjoyed everything thoroughly. She was not able to spend that much time at the beach, which was why seeing all these aquatic animals up close was such a pleasant thing to do. Undeniabl

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