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Silence prevails among the three of them for a while.

Both Josephine and Asher let Cassidy take all the time that she needs to process everything. At the very least, she is starting to get the gist of this whole family drama no matter how shocking and mind-blowing it is. Many things have become clearer to her at last, but there is still one particular detail that she is yet to hear.

"Mrs. Josephine, may I ask how come you knew all of this...?" Cassidy started once more.

"I get that you were close with Granny back at college, and I don't doubt what you have said to us. However, I feel the need to ask how come you know this much, especially that one about Grisham Donovan. Even Granny was not aware of what he did to my family, so how come that you knew about it?"

"Well, I'm really not certain about that man's involvement to their tragic fate. I just got to piece everything together by hearing both sides of the story. I'm practically an outsider here - a mere friend of those whose life stories were never told..." Josephine trailed off with a distant gaze and a weak smile.

"Aside from the occasions when we were still in contact after graduating from college, the only time I had heard from Maruschca was when she was already at the hospital. I never got to talk with her nor visit her for a long while because of how strict her husband was. I was also out of the country for a period of time. That's why when I met up with her back then, she made sure to tell me everything that had happened. That's how I got the side of her story. As for your family's side, I got to hear them all from my niece."

"Pardon me, but may I ask if you were already aware of the circumstances between their families at that time? If you were, did you get to tell her that her husband might be the reason behind the deaths of her ex-lover and his son?" Asher chimed in, looking quite absorbed in the story.

"Oh, yes. I was already aware. However, I didn't take chances. Maruschca was at an extremely delicate state back then. I was afraid of how she would react if I revealed everything to her. Besides, I didn't have any concrete evidences. In the end, I came out to be right about my presumption that she would not be able to handle it - only a few days after my visit, she passed away from a heart attack."

Cassidy lets out a shaky breath at the memory.

She was only able to hear the news, and because her family was not in favor of her, she was not even allowed to attend the funeral. For that whole time, she mourned on her own. Ever since they talked about her arranged marriage with her grandson, they never got to see each other again, which was definitely not her fault at all.

In the end, everything came down to Grisham.

With Maruschca out of the picture, he could finally do everything he wanted to Cassidy. He pressured her to be a deserving and capable granddaughter-in-law, and he forced her to adapt into their way of living. Though he did not dis

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