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For the entire time Adrian was carrying Cassidy on his shoulder, he had steeled his firm grip on her and kept dodging her attempts to knock him out, mustering a straight face all the while.

His wife is indeed one wild Amazonian woman.

As long as she wants it - no matter how small or shallow it is, she will do everything she can to get it. This time, she demands to drink more. She continues to try to squirm out of his hold by doing every idea she manages to come up with at her moment of drunken stupor -

Slamming her fists on his back, kicking her feet around in an attempt to reach his abdomen, and even shouting in his ears.

On their way back to the mansion, that's all she ever did. In the end, though, all of her attempts were futile. He dealt with her like how a m.a.t.u.r.e grown-up would to a stubborn toddler, never faltering in his resolve to get her to bed.

"Stupid bossman... You always spoil my fun - telling me what to do all the time," Cassidy grumbled underneath her breath as she crossed her arms and huffed, finally deciding to give up.

"I'm not telling you what to do. I'm giving you no option," Adrian retorted, silently finding the situation a little amusing now.

"Yeah, right. What's new, anyway?"

"Well, if you want to stay angry at me all night, that's fine. But obviously, you can't be trusted to look after yourself."

"Look after myself...?!"

That's when she suddenly bolts out again. She twists from his grasp, but he's still holding tightly onto her. He will never let her go until they reach the bedroom.

"I can look after myself, you jerk! I've looked after myself for years without your so-called help! I've survived pressures most would have buckled under....!" Cassidy exclaimed out of nowhere, taking him aback.

"I endured all the looks of pity, scorn, mockery and revulsion! I coped with everything even when all I got in the end was this lonely, castle-like prison! So, see...?! I can take care of my own!"

Adrian can't find any word to reply to this.

Even with her memories gone, the tremendous amount of pain still lingers in her voice as she spits out those words. The alcohol in her system is beginning to haul up her true feelings - or perhaps, it's really just her waiting for a perfect time to burst everything out.

He knows where she's coming from, though. It's not in his place to deny what she said. That's because even now, everything he knew about her sufferings for the past years was only the tip of the iceberg.

Right now, however, Adrian needs Cassidy to put her mind to rest. This eventful day had done enough to her. Getting in another argument now or any long discussion for that matter is the least that they should do.

"I know quite well that you're more than capable to take care of yourself..." he started again after a brief pause on his part.

"And I know that it's because you have no choice but to do just that. You're probably really tired no

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