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Cassidy called for Cecile before dinner and asked her for something that she didn't quite expect.

The redhead is sitting in front of her vanity mirror at the moment. Box after box full of precious gems is piled up on top of the table.

The head maid enters her bedroom to find this scene. Right then, she gets the impression that she is about to look through the jewelry.

"Hi there again, Cecilia~!" Cassidy greeted with a bubbly smile, catching her off guard.

"It's Cecile... Ma'am," Cecile found herself replying a little hesitantly, not sure if she's acting friendly or mocking her.

"Right, well... You see, I want to take a shower now so I can have dinner already, but I also want to finish arranging everything I bought today before my husband arrives. He may not like it when the room's this messy. It's a pain doing everything by myself 'cause there is a lot, though... So, can I ask for your help?"

"I don't mind, Ma'am."

"Thanks...! Leave the jewelry, though, okay? I still haven't looked through them yet, and I wasn't sure if the store got all my orders right. I have to figure out if there's something wrong as soon as possible so I can contact the manager."

"Didn't you check them earlier back there?"

"Only the employees did, but since it was my first time shopping for jewelry and I was all alone, I didn't find it comfortable staying in such a crowded place for too long. That's why I took off in a hurry without checking them myself."

"What if there's indeed wrong with the orders? Would the store allow to make changes?"

"Sure, they would! I guess...? The manager is very accommodating, and he already knows who I am. I think he'll properly deal with my complaints if I learn that they made a mistake. They wouldn't want to leave a bad impression on a Millicent anyway, right?"

"I see..."

Cassidy takes a moment to scan her inscrutable expression, narrowing her eyes a little.

Try as Cecile might, but she can no longer hide her interest in her ornaments since it's already leaking through her questioning alone. Had she only known that she caught her sneaking around earlier, she would probably figure out that she's trying to bait a trap here.

But since that's not the case, Cecile wasn't on her guard at all.

Cassidy lied about not checking the jewels since she wanted her to think that she wouldn't be able to realize it if she went and stole some for herself. If she ended up learning that her orders were lacking in number, the blames would fall on the store instead.

What's more, there's a reason why Cassidy chose to buy a lot of gems with different sizes. That's because she knew that Cecile would go after them while thinking that with how many they were, she wouldn't even probably notice that some would go missing.

"I'll be going, then. Again, thanks for the help," the redhead chimed in once more before standing up from her seat and making her way to the bathroom.

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