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Feeling like they had intruded enough, Edward took his sons home as soon as they finished eating breakfast.

Up until then, they had no idea what was up with Damien the whole time. After declaring his intention to steal Cassidy away from Adrian, the threat lingered in the air for quite a while. His unsuspecting brothers were supportive of his decision and did not question him no matter how out of the blue it was.

"Me too! Me too! I'll sleep with Aunty every night!" was what the ever ebullient Hugo chimed that time.

"We'll play games and do lots of stuffs...! If Aunt doesn't allow Uncle Bossman to see her, we'll make a fortress in our house and lock him out!" was what Joshua added with a cheeky tone and a smug grin.

As if the three brothers were having a telepathic agreement, they rallied on for the entire half of breakfast time, spoiling their uncle's appetite in the process.

Now that they left, Adrian could groan as much as he could at last.

He knows that it's just part of their mischievous, teasing nature as kids. They are only kids, of course. He should not be too bothered by what they said.

Not to mention, it was just probably their clinginess that was speaking. They had gotten too close and overly dependent on his wife. Because it was an extremely rare case for all of the brothers to be that chummy with someone, they were acting like three smug musketeers who felt the need to protect a damsel in distress.

Nevertheless, it was Damien who somehow troubled Adrian for a bit.

It's undeniable that he's a very intelligent and gifted child. Though still a teenager, he thinks like an a.d.u.l.t and has a sensible way of addressing things. Today was his first time seeing and hearing that kid spout out threats that didn't make much sense to him.

What's more, he sounded serious.

"What's up with Damien, Cassidy?" Adrian asked his wife as he flopped on the sofa at the living room, sitting beside her.

"Uhhhhh..." Cassidy trailed off with a strained smile, knowing quite well that Damien's behavior earlier had something to do with their conversation last night.


"Well, I knew for sure that puberty didn't get me talking to my uncles like that when I was younger."

"Maybe because you're still not over it. Don't worry. It might happen soon-"

"Are you making fun of me?"

"I'm saying my opinion."

Not wanting to stretch out the topic about Damien's cute little threat to the point they might touch the subject about her past, Cassidy decided to distract Adrian away from it.

By this point, she already knows that the best way to talk her husband out of things is to annoy him. He's a short-tempered and prideful man, and he could be imm.a.t.u.r.e at times, considering that he's even this bothered by what his nephew said.

"Were you really that bothered by what Damien told you? You do know that kids can say everything they want these days, right...?" Cassidy contin

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