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Cassidy used to be known not only as a consistent MVP in gang fights, fist fights or any street fight out there, but she's also a frequently proclaimed Champion in a number of street sports.

Apart from bicycling and motorbiking, she's quite skilled in using a skateboard and making a spectacle out of it. She recalls that she would always hog the spotlight to herself whenever she's the one in the skating rink.

"Oh, the good old days~" Cassidy mused out loud, spreading a reminiscing smile and putting her arms on the back of her head in a relaxed manner.

She's still on the roll at this moment, resuming her house tour but with a different mean this time. All the while, she keeps gathering attention in every place she strides in.

"Look! There she is!"

"Go get her!"

"Do it fast! Else, she might slip away again!"

While the mistress of the house is taking it all cool and easy, the houseworkers are now in frenzy. Maids and manservants alike - anyone she breezes by will swerve their heads to her direction before getting taken aback by the group of people who keeps running after her.

To say that it's one nonplussing scene will be an understatement.

As she keeps skating down from one hallway to another, there is at least one person who'll try to stop her but to no avail. Some are able to catch up to her, begging her to step on her brakes already, but she just picks up her speed every time.

She's letting all their shouts and calls fall on deaf ears on purpose, not wanting to be rid of the only fun she's able to have her hands on in this whole afternoon.

"I thought you guys aren't paying any attention to me. What's with this change of heart?" she teased with a carefree smirk, amused by how she's starting to flip over the whole manor with just one act.

The persisting, deafening silence in the mansion has been blasted away in just a matter of minutes.

As this dainty figure of a woman just rolls on and on, life and colors seem to have returned to that dull and boring place. Lively voices are heard at last and boisterous noises fill the halls, blowing away the enduring dead air -

Or so, that's how the head housemaid and butler see this entire comical scene.

The two heads of this mansion's houseworkers serve as the highest superiors among all the maids and manservants here. At the same time, they are also some of the employees who have the longest history of working under the Millicent's.

"Mia, what are you thinking now?" asked the butler as the two of them just continued watching the scene from the ground floor.

He's this spruce gentleman in his fifty's, wearing a typical butler formal suit with a black tie and jacket. White strands are already sticking out in his well-groomed black hair, though his tawny brown irises remain as vivid as a youngster's.

"Perhaps, the same as you, Anthony," simply answered his co-worker.

The head housemaid shares the same age as the butler

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