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To hell with the nonplussing impression that this ever stoic husband is finally starting to open up and accept his true emotions - no matter what this tyrannizing storm of feelings is all about, Adrian is not going to remain indifferent any longer.

He's not about to turn a blind eye on this newly recognized will of his - to never let it get to the point where Cassidy has to shed a tear again, that is. After all, he's already this greatly affected just by her heartbreaking display earlier. He can't imagine how much more he'll lose himself if she is to break down in tears.

This entire thing isn't really supposed to be about what he thinks or feels, though. Regardless of how he responds to this situation, it's her who truly matters.

Cassidy is the one Adrian should really think about this time around - not himself nor anyone else.

He knows that she doesn't deserve any of these heartaches, especially since he's the only remaining one between the two of them who's hanging on this marriage. She had already proposed divorce loud and clear before, but because of his selfish reason, he didn't agree. To add to that, he kept her by his side even though he didn't really love her.

"Now that I learned that someone's probably threatening her life - someone who could pull off a deadly ploy like earlier, I realized just how selfish and stupid I have really been this whole time. By keeping her with me even though there wasn't any love between us, I had put her into danger..." Adrian pondered with the heaviest feeling he had ever felt in his whole years of living - his regretful expression now contorting into a guilt-ridden one.

"In all actuality, I'm the real magnet of troubles here."

Then came the defeaning growl of the thunder.

It seemed like it already got to their present location. The sound suddenly went drumming in his ears, eventually making him snap out of his benumbed state. But before he could respond, the rain poured down out of nowhere and started drenching him from head to toe.

"This is bad. The road is becoming less and less visible..." Adrian muttered in immense perturbation before finally deciding to stir his stumps and rushing after his wife.


At the very second he shouted her name, he heard Cassidy shrieking from a distance. Taken aback by how horrified she sounded, he then picked up his speed and sprinted all the way there.

It had only been a few minutes since she left him at the bus stop, but she already managed to get that far. Somehow, that gives him the impression that she's really in a hurry to get out of there.

"Cassidy...!" Adrian called out once more as soon as he reached where he thought she was.

But then, Cassidy isn't there.

Instead, all he finds is a pair of heels that's been left all on their own in the middle of the road. The sight alone emanates a foreboding premonition. He feels every known fear out there crawling up to him as different assumpt

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