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Too immersed in her thoughts, Cassidy did not realize that Adrian parked the car in front of one of the most famous establishments around that place.

This will be part one of his plan. Setting all of these up should have taken at least a month, but for the head of the Millicent Inc. and one of the most affluent personalities in the country, there is nothing impossible. That being said, everything he has only figured out last night was already right before them.

"W-What the...? I thought we were going home...?" Cassidy said incredulously, reacting completely thrown off guard.

"Why are we in an aquarium park? And wasn't this the one I kept seeing on TV?"

"Let's stop by here. We can have our lunch in their seafood restaurant later on. That one's pretty popular, right?" Adrian told her quite calmly, smiling like he was going to enjoy this thoroughly.

"A food chain should have been enough-"

"Come on. There is a lot to see here. It has been a long while since I visited this kind of place too."

Before she can turn the idea down, he already reaches out to grab her hand and start pulling her all the way to the entrance.

As if being taken there as a treat from her husband is not enough, she later finds out that they are the only people there aside from the employees, which is definitely a huge surprise. After all, this particular place is an extravagant tourist attraction. It is the country's first world-class marine theme park with an integrated urban resort and lots of sea life attractions.

"Hey, don't tell me..." Cassidy muttered with a flat look, narrowing her eyes in suspicion.

"It's impossible to see no one else here, especially on a weekday. Did you reserve this place beforehand?"

"Hmmm...? What if I did?" Adrian only beamed at her, making her brow twitch a little.

"Why did you do it?"

"Can't I go on a date with my wife?"

"Huh...? D-Date...? And by closing up this whole thing?"

"It's better this way. No one will interrupt us."

As much as she wants to continue talking back, she only sighs and looks away from him.

It is quite insane to even think that he has only arranged all of this last night. Imagining how much money he has spent on it is already making her feel guilty. If he is doing this to earn her favor or something, she is afraid that it is only futile. While she does want to say that she is going to part ways with him soon and that he should not do anything like this again, she has a feeling that he will only do more instead of stopping.

In the end, Cassidy decided that she would just let Adrian do what he wanted.

"Have you ever been to an aquarium park before?" he asked while walking beside her.

"I have not. This is my first time," she replied, still frowning.

"I see... It makes me glad that I'm with you in your first, then."


"No, it's not. I want to be with you in all of your firsts."

At that, she only falls quiet once more. He ju

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