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For what seemed like a torturous eternity, the Millicent family had been tormented by all the drastic changes that fell upon them ever since the former head was exposed and arrested.

Damien knew that this was a good change, though. It was only made tormenting by the unwarranted attention from the public - they'd become a huge scandal all over the country, after all. The members have experienced backlash and were put under scrutiny for a long time.

Still, he was supportive of Adrian all the way. Though it hurt him to see Joshua and Hugo witnessing the dark nature of the adults they respected at such a young age, he was in favor of all these reconstructions and renewals.

And so, Damien decided to step out there and help as much as he could.

At court, he had willingly given his testimony against Grisham, his own great grandfather. He told everyone about how he had seen him back at the hotel during the assassination when he was still supposed to be out of the country at that time. And with that, he also revealed that he was the one he saw with Sophie that night.

His testimony had become one of the key points of the court trial.

"Thank you for helping me out there, Damien. You're a strong and brave young man," was what Adrian told him back then - that was the first time his uncle commended him like that.

"I'm helping you out under one condition, though..." was what Damien said to him in return, not wanting to settle with the thought that only this particular matter would get a conclusion.

"Get Aunt Cassidy back no matter what, Uncle."

But then, that did not happen.

Cassidy never returned.

That was when Damien realized that their dispute was much more serious than he had taken them for. He knew nothing at all, and he was probably being selfish when he demanded that from Adrian. To make up for that, he decided to learn more. However, Edward could not tell anything past what he was allowed to, Irish was too occupied with the downfall of her career, and Olivia could barely manage their household affairs - he was not able to learn anything from anyone in the end.

Everyone in the family was either too busy or not allowed to say anything that Adrian didn't want more people to know.

"I don't want to remain in the dark, though. Isn't that why our family is collapsing? Nobody knew a thing about what was going on, and nobody tried to know..." was what Damien thought to himself when he failed to acquire any information from the adults.

"In that case, I'll just go and investigate by myself."


Aira is on her way home from school when something suddenly catches her attention.

She has been walking along that street for a while now. And before she knew it, she found herself already standing in front of a footbridge that went over a small road. The bus stop, her destination, is only past there. That isn't what caught her attention, though.

On top of that footbridge, Aira could see a teenage

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