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Charles had already been through a lot of tests and challenges back then.

That's only natural in his field of work where there's always an endless list of things to do, hurdles to overcome, and tasks to finish. He had improved and developed over the years because of those, though - thus becoming the unrelenting and determined man that he now was.

However, dealing with his boss's drunk wife was something he never experienced before nor expected to do any sooner, and to say that its difficulty was of a whole new level would only be appropriate.

"Oh, come on, Chamberlain...!" Cassidy exasperatedly bolted out before suddenly turning to cooing and pleading next.

"Just one more glass, please...! Pretty pleaseeeeee~?!"

She is now on all fours, facing him and scooting closer. At this point, her face is beet red while her way of speaking is no longer that of a person who can still think properly.

All in all, she's having a typical reaction of someone who had already drunk more than enough for tonight. Yet on the contrary, his dilemma this time isn't typical at all.

Charles had no idea how he should go around this situation. He tried talking sense to her and making her settle down but to no avail. Just a minute ago, he even had to steal the bottle of wine and put it away from her reach since she kept snatching it.

"That's not all, though. As if her insisting to drink more isn't enough, she has to act like this either," he grimaced as he leaned and crawled backward in an attempt to maintain his distance from the restless woman.

Cassidy is blushing so fiercely that she appears endearingly blooming amidst the dimness of their surroundings. Her guards and defenses are all over the place either. She probably isn't even aware that her current pose is a little seductive as she continues to crawl and try to back him into a corner.

Charles had dealt with a number of temptresses in the past. Ranging from voluptuous beauties to playful coquettes, he already had his fair share of them.

But as of this moment, he feels as if his self-restrain is truly being tested for once. He keeps clenching his hold on his unruly emotions, his clutter of thoughts and his self-control. In other words, he was trying not to do what he knew he should never do, keeping his hormones on check all the while.

"Please, get your grip, Ma'am Cassidy. It's already getting really late now..." Charles nearly begged before stretching out his hand and lightly brushing her cheeks with the back of his fingers.

"Not to mention, you look very exhausted."

"Of course not! I'm still full of energy...!" Cassidy protested as she picked up her pace and came pouncing on him at long last.

"See~? I still managed to do this!"

At that very minute, she went so close to pinning him on the sand that he lost his balance and ended up falling backward even more. He has his elbows supporting him at the moment while he keeps leaning further to

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