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As if matching Cecile's scheming presence, Cassidy only keeps on her smug front and acts chilled.

The head maid is not a bit least pleased at how cheeky she's making herself appear to be. In fact, she feels like going physical at this very moment. She badly wants to rip that goddamn red hair of hers or slap her across the face for making her go through a humiliating experience earlier.

It just happened that Gertrude took out her anger on Cecile.

The reason why it was strange to see her patiently waiting in the lounge for more than half an hour was because she simply didn't have that long of a patience. She had bottled it all up until the very end and stayed calm on her seat.

When Cecile finally went and confessed that Cassidy wasn't there after all, she was still calm and in control of their temper.

"You see, Madam... I had told her that you're here to see her, but she immediately ran away. I chased after her and begged her to stop. However, she was really determined not to meet you. She even tried to hurt and threaten me. Even then, I just kept pleading and eventually, I asked for help from the others. Right then, though, she was already out of our sight, and until now, nobody knew where exactly she had went and hid," was what Cecile told her as a lie - a cover up for her slip-up.

"I see... Knowing the new her, she does seem to be one who easily gets violent and aggressive..." was what Gertrude simply responded at first, still composed and impassive.

She then finally stood up from her seat and picked up her things. The head maid got ready to bid her farewell and see her out along with the other maids, but that's all until she suddenly turned to look back at her and threw away her calm facade at last.

"Yet the moment you let her out of your sight, you already failed your job! That's just one puny woman, and you're a ton! How could you just lose her like that?! What a useless bunch you all are...!" Gertrude exclaimed in rage and aggravation, glaring daggers at the head maid all the while.

"More importantly, your reason didn't change the fact that I wasted so much time here! Do you even know how long I was here?! How very impudent of you to make me wait like this! You're all utterly ridiculous!"

It was Cecile's first time getting shouted at like that ever since she began working for the Millicent's.

She was mortified in front of the other houseworkers, and it made her feel like a shame to her original mistress. Going by Gertrude's hostile reaction, what Irish will do to her is probably going to be equally humiliating if not worse. After all, she did skip two dates for this meeting.

Cecile knows quite well, though - that the reason why Gertrude was that harsh on her was because she did not get to see Cassidy today. Her outburst would even be worse if the redhead was the one in her place. She did not get to take out her week's worth of exhaustion on her usual stress reliever, after all.

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