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Now that Cassidy appears to be more than willing to tell her story, Damien finds himself feeling more bewildered than ever.

He knew how much she insisted to keep her past as a secret. Before she lost her memories, she never told anyone about it. Her tenacity to never reveal it was like some precious keepsake she got from her deceased grandmother-in-law who also happened to be the one behind her arranged marriage with Adrian.

Certainly, there was a reason why Cassidy was hiding her background from everyone. But now, Damien is getting the feeling that this reason is something that she has forgotten.

Since she couldn't remember anything past the age of eighteen, it could mean that she found the reason not to tell anyone about her past only after she met her husband.

When her memories were stolen by that tragedy, a lid had been opened - one that had showed everyone her true character. It showed a personality that she kept hiding for five whole years.

At this moment, Damien has come to realize something. Perhaps, that lid has also opened an opportunity for others to know her secrets, including those that have something to do with her background.

"You're... an orphan...?" Damien repeated in disbelief, baffled as for why his great grandmother would choose an orphan out of all the women out there to be his uncle's wife.

"Do you know your biological family, though?"

"Never met my father. But my mother..." Cassidy trailed off before casting down her gaze and smiling sadly.

"She died when I was still very young."

"O-Oh... Umm... How did she..."

"It was a blurry memory. All I remember is that there's a thunderstorm that time. Both of us are trapped inside something at somewhere. Though I don't completely recall, I know that it's a horrific experience to even have a small glimpse of."

After hearing that, he suddenly felt guilty.

He did not mean to make her recall a bad memory. It's just that he felt the panic to know more about her. With how impossible this scene could've been if she still had her memories, he felt like she was going to stop talking about it in any second.

Furthermore, the reason why Damien couldn't believe that Cassidy was an orphan was because it somehow came out like a random thing to do on his great grandmother's part.

That time, Adrian had lots of potential marriage partners who would be able to contribute to the family. Many ladies were in line for his hand in marriage - daughters of their closest business partners, affluent figures, famous celebrities and wealthy heiresses.

Damien isn't really trying to look down on his aunt here, though. He is just being practical - thinking the same way as the other members in the Millicent family would. If he wants to clarify things, he needs to do this.

What's more, Damien thought that if only Cassidy hadn't been chosen by his great grandmother, she wouldn't have to suffer under a loveless marriage for years. Tho

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