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As Edward continues to talk about Adrian's outstanding accomplishments when he's still a teenager, Cassidy can't help but change her impression of him for a bit.

It turns out that her husband is not that ignorant of his surroundings after all. His undercover job of exposing lawbreakers is probably one of the reasons why his mind is always at work. She knows a thing or two about dealing with criminals, and she is aware of how difficult that is. All she can do in that kind of confrontation is engage in combat and whatnot, though.

As for him, he did more than getting physical with his opponents. He downright crushed them - both their reputations as well as their careers.

'Well, that's cool and everything, but...' Cassidy pondered silently before glancing at her side.

'It's kinda strange that such a meticulous and scrupulous man doesn't know what's happening inside his own family. I know that his work keeps taking too much of his time. Perhaps, much too much that it's not even enough, but still... Yeah, it's really strange.'

She is walking beside Adrian at the moment, making their way to the bar and casino of the hotel.

After they finished eating ice cream together, Edward had gone to take his sons to the hotel room he reserved. They bid one another goodbye earlier before eventually parting ways. Now, both of them went to join Gertrude and their other companions who have went ahead of them.

"Do you gamble, bossman?" Cassidy started after their moment of silence stretched on for too long.

"No, I don't. It's not my thing..." Adrian answered and looked at her inquisitively.

"Why ask? Do you want to try gambling?"

"No, no! It's not my thing either. I just thought that if you're gonna do something at the casino, you can go ahead. I'll go to the bar."

"Let's go there, then. Now that I think about it, there's some videoke there. You like to sing, right?"

Once again, she is a little taken aback that he recalls such a small thing about her.

He even appears delighted when he brings it up. Then, before she knows it, he is already escorting her all the way to the bar. She's not sure when exactly he learned about her singing, and she's certain that they never talked about those mundane details. Perhaps, he just noticed and took note of it.

'Can I take that he is starting to pay more attention to whatever is going on inside his home, then?' Cassidy wondered as she only continued staring at his seemingly ecstatic expression through the corners of her eyes.

Eventually, the two reach the bar where a huge crowd is packed.

From the lively conversations to the rioting colors that pierce through the dimness that sometimes turn into starlit black, the entire setting soaks in the ambiance of one bustling night. Shelves after shelves of alcohols are on display in the counter at the corner. There is also this platform in front that is adorned with glittering, gaudy lighting.

"My, my~ Look who finally j

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