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With her mood dampened by her absence in their family portrait, Cassidy ends up drooping all sullenly for the rest of her tour.

She didn't even attempt to hide how gloomy she's feeling inside at that moment. Because of that, the houseworkers are no longer able to resist paying attention to her. They can't keep themselves from looking whenever she passes by.

It just happened that an imaginary dark cloud is practically hovering over Cassidy's head the entire time. She has this frown hanging on her face like some sort of a burden she's cursed to carry for all of eternity.

Now, this got everyone more than bewildered.

Just some hours ago, their mistress was walking down the hallway like some kind of a gangster. Then, on the next, they suddenly find her looking as if she's leading a funeral procession.

"Those are already two expressions in a day, huh...?"

"Ma'am Cassidy's never the type to show her emotions like this..."

"Amnesia can be such a scary thing..."

"You'll never know that you're already doing what you've always been trying so hard not to do..."

The maids keep engaging in a round of gossips whenever Cassidy has her back on them.

If only she's in the mood, she will definitely walk up to them at this very second and teach them how to gossip more properly. She can hear everything they're tittle-tattling about, after all. It's almost as if they're raring to be busted out.

"Hmph...! Amateurs... You guys can do better than that," she boasted with a huff while flipping her hair all haughtily.

She really couldn't care less that it's her they're talking about. With that, she just carries on with her business.

A moment later, Cassidy finally has had enough of roaming around, though she doubts if she's even able to finish half of this whole palatial mansion.

She decided to make a stop at the kitchen and search for something to eat, not really anticipating that the place would turn out to be some sort of a cooking area in a five-star restaurant. A bit intimidated by the lavish setting and this group of foreigners who happened to be the family's personal chefs, she completely lost her appetite and just left.

"Oh, come on, is there anything ordinary in this place...?!" Cassidy bolted out in her head as she stomped down the hallway, looking like a toddler whose fun had been completely ruined.

"I feel like a country bumpkin in my own hometown! Ughh...!"

In reality, she's just bummed out that she didn't find anything to play or mess around with.

Everything is too imposing and luxurious for their own good. It bores her in the end even though she does indeed reacted wonder-stricken and astounded every time she finds something.

This fairytale-like setting just doesn't suit Cassidy at all.

"Should I just go outside? Maybe the garden would do-"

Then, she paused.

As Cassidy walked past through a doorless lounge, she suddenly caught sight of something that

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