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The rioting, flashing lights of emergency service vehicles, the sound of sirens, and a huge, hectic crowd - this scene fills the street outside of the hotel at the dead of the night.

While some of the attackers have been successfully apprehended, others are being carried on stretchers and placed inside an ambulance. The police and paramedics are currently dealing with the aftermath of the horrid onslaught of these yet-to-be-identified gunmen. On the other hand, both the hotel staff and customers alike are still in the middle of regaining their bearings.

It has been one terrible night for everyone. Along with the trauma is a few losses.

Fortunately for the people who had a direct encounter with the pursuers, nothing too serious had been inflicted other than a few minor injuries.

"You okay there, Asher?" Charles asked as he watched a paramedic treat his companion's wound.

"It's fine, it's fine. The bullet didn't really go through," Asher coolly replied while his injured arm was being wrapped with a bandage.

"How noble of you, Asher. Saving the young miss of the Millicent's like that..." Ray commended with a smirk, shoving both of his hands inside his pockets.

"I was really surprised when you pushed Ms. Olivia away. Thought you suddenly got rough on the lady or something."

"Shut up. I don't need no praises for that."

"Oh, of course, you do, young man..." then suddenly said the austere-sounding voice of a woman.

"I owe you my daughter's life."

All three of them turn around to find Gertrude and Olivia coming their way.

Asher stiffens at the sight of the wife of the Millicent's former head. Though he got complimented, he felt nowhere delighted nor appreciated at all. It's just that the way she said that was more out of the feeling of obligation rather than that of gratitude. But apart from this, he just really couldn't stand her presence - his persisting perception of her was the one that made him feel so.

To Asher, Gertrude is one detestable, loathsome existence due to the blood that is running down her veins.

Though he doesn't know her well, he is more than aware of what she has been capable of. She resembles that certain someone very well, and it revolts him so much. He didn't even plan to come into contact with her tonight, but thanks to his heroic deed of saving her daughter, he has to waste his breath on her like this.

"Sir Asher, is it? I'm very grateful for what you did..." Olivia started as she stood before him.

"I told my mother about it. Because of you, I didn't get to add to the casualties-"

"Never mind about me. The person you should thank the most is Cassie, right...?" Asher cut her off and turned away, making her eyes widen a little in surprise.

"She was carrying you back then, wasn't she?"

"R-Right... Yes, she did help me a lot."

"You mean that Cassidy...?" Gertrude asked with scorn in her tone, earning his contempt even more.

"You can't be se

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