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If Adrian truly does love Cassidy, he should be ready to confront the people he has been together with ever since he was born.

Things can reach to the point where he might need to turn his back on everything he has used to be. It is either her or his family - he will need to choose.

But then, she thinks that there is really no need for him to. She will cut him the slack and do him the favor of distancing herself first. This way, he doesn't have to trouble himself over which side he is going to join.

'I've heard from Asher that Grisham Donovan has returned to visit his grandchildren. I still don't know where he is now, but I need to stay away from him as much as possible. He did say that he would take care of him himself. Yet at any case, his grandson also has to know that he is the mastermind behind everything...' Cassidy pondered deeply as she stole a glance at Adrian.

'I know that this man is not a bad person - misguided, yes. It was already nothing short of a miracle that he used to be so kind to me in the past even though he was raised in such a household. He is good, and he can help us. However, I doubt that it will be easy. He might end up not believing me if I tell him about his grandfather, and even if he does, just what it is he can do to a close relative?'

For what seemed like the hundredth time, she recalled how he had chosen his family over and over again.

She doesn't stand a chance at all. Her presence is probably too little unlike them. Two months of genuinely spending time with him and five years of endless pining - she doubts those are enough to make him go against his own flesh and blood.

'Yeah. That's it. There's no use...' Cassidy thought with a downcast gaze, still traumatized by her newly-recovered memories - though most of them were still not that clear.

'Asher and the others will take care of Grisham Donovan. I, on the other hand, will just have to do what I have come back here for.'


Cecile has not particularly gotten close to Cassidy ever since she has become her pet, but she could tell that something changed about her right away.

She has called for her in the middle of the night. Now, they are meeting up inside her bedroom. For minutes now, she is only sitting in silence with her boxes of jewelry placed on the table before her.

For someone who has gotten deeply involved in a shooting incident, she acts strangely composed. She appears to be all ready for another battle - to surge right in the midst of raining bullets and blasting explosives once again.

In other words, she looks like she has one destructive scheme.

'Being chased by assassins could've made her emotionally unstable at the very least. Why did she return with such a stronger and tougher front on...?' Cecile grimaced at the possibility that Cassidy was going to exact revenge on those people who attempted to murder her.

'And if she is gonna do it, I have to be roped into it too. Great.'

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