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When Adrian first learned from Cassidy that the burn mark on her back was inflicted by Irish, he could barely contain all the ferocious emotions that aggressively surged in him at that moment - and now, he would not be able to keep them pent-up any longer.

At this point, he isn't sure if he detests himself more than he does to them. He still feels like he should suffer a fate that is worse than death, and because being left behind by his wife is one of the things that is close to that, he knows that he deserves all of this. Yet at the same time, he couldn't stand the fact that those who abused her were not compensating nor suffering for what they did.

Adrian knows that this is his doing, but he also knows that he is not the only one in it.

"How could you...? And I thought that you were only trying to help her out in managing our household affairs and everything. I thought you were really helping her out. How could you lie and pretend?! But then again, you're not an actress for nothing..." he muttered vehemently through gritted teeth, barely keeping the remaining cool he had at that moment.

"I couldn't see you as my sibling at all! I sure regret being born in this family!"

Irish tears up as she hears that and feels Adrian gripping her tighter. Even more than his rough hold, his malevolent expression has made her soul leave her body. She is petrified to the bones, trembling all over. However, unlike earlier, fear is not the only emotion present here -

There are shame, remorse, guilt and regret.

She herself could not remember why exactly she abhorred Cassidy. While she did feel that she didn't deserve being in this family - along with that was the fact that her mother kept prodding her to do the same thing she's doing, she couldn't recall having any deeper reason. It was all fun and games - a mere entertainment.

For that, she deserves to be hated by both of them - she should be behind the bars.

"I admit my wrongdoings, and I am not going to use any petty excuse for that. I'd been selfish, heartless, obnoxious, cruel, ruthless - you can call me anything. And to be honest, I don't know what I have to do to correct my misdeeds. My crimes are too big to be forgiven..." Irish managed to say despite how shaken and terrified she was, but even then, Adrian was not a bit least convinced.

"But please, believe me when I tell you that I want everything to be alright for the two of you again."

"I don't give a damn at how you feel about us now. You said so yourself - you are selfish. All you ever think about is yourself, and most probably, how you will get out of this situation," Adrian retaliated without hesitation, not believing anything that she said.

"Fine. I understand where you're coming from. If I can never fix my relationship with you or her again, then that is my punishment. I deserve that and more. You yourself can give me any punishment as you see fit. However, even if you kill me now, that is not going

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