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With a flabbergasted expression, Cassidy only stood still and gaped.

It was as if fate was playing around with them. Just when she thought she would not be having any encounter like this after two whole years of separation, she was thrown in this situation before she even knew it - in this unexpected reunion, to be exact. Perhaps, the world is just that small.

Apparently, the companion that Aira is together with has turned out to be none other than her nephew.


Much like Cassidy, Damien is stunned - maybe a little too much that he can't even make a response. But unlike her, his sort of surprise seems to be not that of someone who has never seen this coming. She even looks more shocked than him. He appears to be caught off guard not because he does not know that she will be around - but because he is not expecting he will get caught like this.

And in all actuality, that is indeed the case - he has always been anticipating this reunion, but not this soon.

"Aunt... Cassidy..." Damien started with a shaky breath, getting emotionally overwhelmed.

"I-It's been a long while, Aunt."

"Aunt...?!" Aira gasped out loud, utterly astonished.

"W-Wait, what?! Did I hear it right?! B-Big sis is... She's your a-aunt?!"

"Calm down, Aira. You're making a ruckus here..." Cassidy told her and patted her head before looking back at him with a smile.

"Indeed, it's been a long while, Damien. I didn't know that you'd become friends with my sibling. How are you, by the way?"

At that point, he could no longer further any utterance.

When she smiles at him like that, he feels like he has missed her more than he has thought. Even after a couple of years, she did not change, and even after all the things that happened in their family, she did not treat him like a stranger. Of course, he knew that she would not - she was not that kind of person. But at the very least, he thought that she would be estranged.

However, Cassidy is now smiling at Damien with the same warmth, gentleness and kindness like before - nothing changed at all.

"Oh, Damien..." she breathed out and smiled wider after noticing that he was getting really emotional.

"You grew up a lot even though it had only been two years. Not to mention, you've become more mature. Seems like puberty hits you hard, huh?"

"And you did not change at all, Aunt..." he chuckled a little, grinning at last.

"I've missed you. Me, Joshua and Hugo - we all miss you."

At that, Cassidy doesn't know what to say.

Hearing that makes her feel guilty. She can tell that Damien really does miss her, but apart from that, she can also tell that he has been hurt. Her sudden departure probably affected him and his brothers much more than she imagined. Then again, the last time they talked properly was still all the way back when they had their family dinner at the hotel -

When they had ice cream together, more particularly.

They only barely talke

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