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Just by looking at the gravelly serious expression that Charles is making at the moment, Cassidy realizes that she is probably taking their late arrival and the reason behind it a bit too lightly.

She is indeed easy to move on from something horrific, but that's only because she doesn't want to continue being tortured by the pain. However, seeing how worried someone was for her this entire time, she couldn't help but think that she should've been a little more troubled over what might've happened to her.

With those in mind, the gravity of the hellish reality that she experienced earlier that day is finally sinking in her.

"There was... a lot of things that went down, and I..." Cassidy trailed off before averting her gaze, a downcast expression hanging over her frame.

"I think I almost died yet again."

Charles is taken aback for moment, not really expecting that she will go straight to that point. It's not like he is entirely clueless about what happened to them, and he doesn't mean to make her bring up something that gruelingly heavy.

"I'm sorry that you had to go through something so terrible. That burnt vehicle in the middle of the road - so that was indeed yours all along," he muttered with a thick and breathy tone, his brows scrunched tightly together.

"Did bossman already tell you? How did you know?" she asked as she looked at him again.

"I was one of the people sent by Sir Edward earlier. We used the family's private chopper to locate both you and the President since we couldn't reach you by your phones. We got caught up in the rain, so we had to stand by for a few minutes. After it let up, though, the President already called me. In the end, all we brought back with us was that car."

"I see... Thank you for your efforts, Charlie. It's alright now, though. Bossman was there with me the whole time, and he said that he's going to start an investigation."

"He did tell me that he would. I'm also glad that you're not on your own back there."

After that c.u.mbersome exchange, the two decided to let a moment of silence sprawl between them for the meantime.

While Cassidy resumes her stargazing, Charles opens up the bottle of wine and starts pouring it into each of their glasses. He then calls her attention again and offers her share, which makes her eyes widen a little in surprise for some reason.

She only stares at it for a few seconds, unknowingly leaning in and sniffing the glass at the same time. That adorable sight of her smelling it makes him smile in silent endearment. He somehow finds it as another one of her childish charms.

"Now that I think about it, I don't really drink wine," she chimed in again before hesitantly taking the glass.

"Because you lost your memories, you don't really remember that you already did on several occasions," he said with a reminiscing look.

"Well, it sounds like something my a.d.u.l.t version would do. Am I tolerant of alcohol, the

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