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For the nth time that hour, Cassidy can't help but heave a sigh, not understanding what's up with Adrian all of the sudden.

Apparently, a moment after confessing to her right in the middle of the crowd near the entrance of the bar and casino, he began acting more on guard. This time, she isn't sure if this is still only about her appearance. Most probably, his attentiveness right now had something to do with the messages he received from Charles earlier.

"You know, your nephews are not gonna be happy with this. I have to come with them to that ice cream parlor," Cassidy commented at how he got stricter - though she kept it cool since she had a feeling that this was a serious matter.

"I already told Edward that he should not allow them to go outside as well. Charles had relayed a very important message. We would have to wait for him and Ray to arrive..." Adrian trailed off with a gravelly serious yet calm tone.

"I also need all the bodyguards close by."

"Really, what's going on here, bossman?"

"I'm not sure myself."

In the end, she just admitted defeat and chose to wait.

Still, instead of going in, she decided to stay near the entrance out of consideration for her nephews. They were in the middle of talking with their father at the moment. Their other companions already went ahead inside some time ago, leaving the six of them behind there.

"I still want ice cream, though. Too bad," Cassidy sighed as she sat on one of the seats at the corner.

"I'll ask Seven to buy what you want instead. I really can't afford to let you out of my sight right now," Adrian muttered apologetically while he bent on his knees right in front of her and looked up to her.

"No, that is not what I mean. I understand the situation, and I'm not taking this whole assassination thing lightly. The least I can do is follow what Ray is telling us. I really appreciate everyone's efforts as well."

"That's good to hear. I don't know what I will do if you throw a tantrum again-"

"Hey, I'm not that childish!"

"Should I not ask Seven anymore, then?"

"W-Well, uhhh... No... That's not what I mean too."

Seeing her avert her eyes and fidget like some little girl, Adrian can't help but laugh a bit. Cassidy furrows her brows and huffs at how he seems to be using ice cream as her weakness. All the while, he only continues watching her with amusement before he eventually stands up again and pats her head affectionately.

"Is it strawberry you want?" he asked with a fond smile, making her look up to him in surprise.

"Uhhh... Yeah. Strawberry," she replied a bit meekly, not expecting that he recalled her favorite flavor.

"I can also get Seven to send us a picture of the parlor's menu. That way, you can choose more-"

"Uncle Bossman..." Damien then suddenly called from behind him with an aloof expression, stealing their attention.

"I want some mint chocolate chip sundae with kisses as its toppings and another chocol

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