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Troubles seem to just keep on coming - one after another.

Adrian is now facing the worst trip he has ever experienced so far. First there's that engine failure, then that clamor at the pub. Now, they just got themselves a bombing incident, blasting off their chance to get to their destination.

What's more, Adrian had his cellphone broken for good this time. He didn't realize that it slipped from his hand and abruptly fell on the ground right after he rushed to push Cassidy away earlier. His wife's, on the other hand, also cracked in her pocket after they crashed on the side of the road.

"Ughhhhh... Really, this is the worst," Adrian sighed exasperatedly, ruffling his hair in vex all the while.

"Yeah. This is the worst," Cassidy seconded from beside him, a downcast expression splattered across her face.

The two of them are now waiting beside a bus stop. It's a good thing that the pub owner told them about a thing or two on how they could navigate their way around this place. With that, they learned that there's a bus stop a few miles away.

Even then, they don't know if there's a bus that's scheduled to pass by in this hour. At this point, night time is about to fall, but they still remain stuck at that deserted road.

Adrian takes a moment to peer at Cassidy through the corners of his eyes. Contrary to his expectation, his wife seems to be tough enough to pull herself together again after that horrendous incident.

For someone who just had a similar traumatic experience only a couple of months ago, Cassidy didn't react so horrified that she'd be bawling like there's no tomorrow. Though there's the fact that she lost her memories, Adrian still kind of expected that she'd be more frightened - not that he wanted her to, though.

In fact, he probably wouldn't be able to take it if he were to see her have a breakdown out of nowhere. He couldn't imagine this fierce, intrepid and relentless wife of his having an emotional outburst and looking all helplessly fragile.

Now that he thinks about it, he doesn't really know what she's genuinely afraid of. If she still has her memories, he presumes that her greatest fear will have something to do with ending their relationship.

"At any rate, I should look into this matter as soon as I get back. Good thing Charles will be at the party. We can talk about doing a secret investigation..." Adrian thought silently to himself, his expression contorting into that of a malevolent beast.

"Whoever did that bombing would definitely pay tenfold."

"Hey, bossman..." Cassidy called all of the sudden, making him snap out of his murderous thoughts.

"Where's the driver, by the way? You sure he's alright?"

"I'm not sure if he's fine nor do I know where he is, but if he's able to send that warning with such an impeccable timing, I think he is still faring well. Rather than worrying, shouldn't you be at least wary of him?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"


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