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Cassidy can feel the way Adrian does things to her - it's all full of wants and coated with needs.

They should not be doing this kind of thing at this time. But then, her husband seems to be already past the point of no return. He has lost it for good. It's as if both of them are no longer in control of anything here.

Yet knowing how heedful he could be, he would not start something this intimate in the first place. He would be on guard as always. That is why she thinks that what pushes him to do this is something more reasonable than his drive of lust. He would not just act this way without regarding their safety first as well as the gravity of their current situation.

'Oh, right... I was shouting so loud... wasn't I?' Cassidy then found herself realizing.

But regardless of what made Adrian start making out with her, he could not hold himself back anymore. He had been longing to touch her like this ever since the night began. At this point, he already reached the limit of his self-resistance and the boiling point of his burning desires.

One taste of her lips, and it already gets him this intoxicated.

"H-Hey, w-wait...!" she stammered out breathlessly, panting for air in the midst of his ceaseless round of kissing.

"W-We shouldn't be doing this. P-People out there are-"

"Everything is gonna be fine. Trust me," he cut her off, murmuring against her mouth with a low, smoky tone.

"How can you say that-"

"This is your fault too, you know. You're making me do all these."


While Cassidy is still leaning against the wall with her hands splayed across his sturdy chest, Adrian has both of his arms locked around her waist. He only continues ravishing her lips - a fountain of pent-up desires overflowing in his narrowed, amorous gaze.

She can't even manage to keep up with his pace, much less push him away. Already lacking the strength after he practically sucked it out of her mouth, she doesn't have much of a choice here other than to receive the gesture. But once they get out of here, she'll make sure to give him a good beating.

'Just how... how can he do all of this?! Does he even know what he's doing to me?!' Cassidy kept bolting out inside her head, feeling more frustrated when she began to come undone herself.

The way Adrian plays with her mouth is dizzying. His hot, wet lips keep crashing onto hers with uncontainable ferocity - so fiery and passionate. He carries on with this until he eventually thinks of stepping up the game.


At that very second, Adrian tilted his head and slipped his tongue inside her mouth.

His sudden action startles Cassidy. She slightly trembles at the contact of their tongues, ending up involuntarily whimpering at the same time. Smitten by the sound, he proceeds to nip her lower lip before sliding his tongue in and repeating the cycle.

The whole thing is definitely an otherworldly sensation for her.

She can really feel hi

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