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For a moment, Olivia only blinks at Irish in confusion and incredulity, but eventually, she comes to realize that Adrian needing a psychiatrist may not be that far-fetched, especially with how crazier and crazier he is becoming each day.

It's not the kind of crazy where he'd go hysterical and berserk. Rather, he was one who would lock himself up all day, act like he was losing his mind by disregarding reality and staying trapped in his own world, and avoid talking with anyone as much as possible. Now, he even cries out of nowhere - they are not sure how long this has been going on, but they can tell that he is already getting to the edge of his sanity.

Adding to his emotional instability is his tendency to switch to ogre mode in a matter of seconds just like earlier.

"If he continues like this, who knows if Cassidy gets snatched away by another guy!" Irish grimaced, recalling her interaction with her sister-in-law and that mysterious friend of hers some hours ago.

"Don't say something like that! You're gonna jinx it! Adrian is already feeling terrible enough as it is!" Olivia talked her out of it, unsure of what had gotten to her all of the sudden.

"I'm not trying to! It's already happening!"


"I mean, Cassidy being with another guy! We're getting there, Olivia-"

Right then, Olivia hastily cut Irish off by covering her mouth just before these two tall shadows towered over them.

The blonde noticed both of their brothers coming their way while her sister was busy explaining something to her. Thinking that the topic of their conversation would upset their sibling more, she immediately slapped her hands on her lips and made her stop talking right on time. That was when the brunette froze, already having an idea on why she did that.

"And what made you think you were still welcome in my household? Why are you even here?"

As Adrian directs such a callous question to them, he sounds and appears so cold-blooded.

There is not an ounce of humane feeling in his fierce gaze and vicious expression - just a beast forcing himself to be civil towards them. This was the first time they talked with him in quite a while, and this was also the first they were getting a close-up view of how much their misdeeds affected him. It frightened them more than when it was Cassidy they were confronting.

After all, Adrian is capable of doing more than what his wife did.

"You've got guts to show yourselves up like this. How could you be so audacious? Even if you're family, I won't hold back, you know," Adrian taunted with a deep scowl and menacing gaze.

"Adrian, that's enough. Let's talk this through for now," Edward cut in and tried to keep him from getting closer to their sisters, silently gesturing the two to move back at the same time.

"Talk?! A conversation had long been overdue!"

"Calm down. We've all got out faults in this mess. Let's solve this together-"

"Just how do you want me to feel?!

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