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In a haste, Cassidy scrambles all around the place before scurrying out of there with all the necessary documents in hand.

That phone call with Cecile had taken much of her time. Her appointment with the investor she would be meeting that morning had almost slipped her mind.

She is still not that good in dealing with other business owners at this point, and she rarely makes a long-lasting impression on them. Then again, being all prim and proper for more than an hour has always been torturous for her.

'It will be bad if I get late! This investor is said to be an overly strict and fastidious one!' she exclaimed in her head as she made a run for the bus station.

Getting investors is not really of utmost importance to her, though. She could fare well with her current money and savings, and she wasn't really aiming to be a full-blown businesswoman. But still, an opportunity is an opportunity. She might need this in the future.

'In any case, I don't have to force myself to get anyone's investment. I just need to work hard, and the rest will follow.'

Fortunately, Cassidy managed to arrive on time, met up with the investor with no trouble, and carried out a seamless and productive discussion with the other party.

It was true that the investor was a nitpick of an old man with lots of cash on his hands. She had a hard time sitting still and playing the decent manager that she was supposed to be, especially with that stern gaze of his. In fact, she even messed up several times in their conversation, but in the end, he still agreed to invest in their humble business.

'Talk about lucky. I never thought of myself as good in this money-making game, but I think I'm just that fortunate or something…' Cassidy mused and smirked to herself as she headed out of the office then back in the lobby of the building.

'Or maybe they figured out how cool it would be to hang out with an awesome person like me?'

Whenever she finds herself uncertain and puzzled over the reason why things end up working for her sometimes, she only plays it cool and blames it to her awesomeness – a childish feat of hers, she admits. But then again, she wasn't trained enough to manage a business, and she was certainly not a fast-learner in this kind of stuff. She's even shocked that she's able to attract an investor in the first place.

'Well, whatever. I'm awesome – let's just leave it at that…' Cassidy thought until she suddenly caught sight of an ice cream shop across the street.

'Oh, this calls for a celebration!"

Barely hiding her excitement, she went ahead and made her way to the store like an ecstatic toddler.

There are things that really haven't changed even after a couple of years. She's still that young-at-heart ice cream lover that she's always been. It's probably one of the things that will never change about her.

"One strawberry ice cream, please. Make it large and with this syrup and those toppings," Cassidy told the ca

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