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A couple of security guards working for the Millicent's is currently on duty.

They are chilling around their post in front of the gates of a lavish beach house. Though they try to stay on their top shape by playing cards to waste the hours with, the game could only do so much to blow their boredom and sleepiness away.

"I thought Mrs. Millicent was gonna arrive this afternoon?" chimed one of them.

"Probably got caught in the rain earlier or something," replied the other one nonchalantly.

"Dude, that's just a couple of hours ago. It's already night time by then."

"Why can't you hold your horses? You sound so eager to see the Madam. Got a crush on her or something?"

"No, I don't!"

Though silence keeps them company throughout the most part of the night, they still have this occasional banter and exchange. That's all until the rattling noise of a motor engine suddenly vibrates throughout the place, joining them and disrupting that expected flow.

"Huh? What's that?"

It's getting louder and louder in each passing second, which catches them off guard and rises their suspicions.

No one should be around this private property, especially at this hour. With that in mind, they finally get out of their post and take a look outside of the gates.

That's when an approaching motorcycle comes into view - heading straight at them with a recklessly rapid speed.

"What the...? Who is that?" the guard wondered out loud.

"They gonna crash us over or something?" said his partner.

"Not on my watch."

Both of them intrepidly hold their ground in front of the gates, all looking ready to scold this wild rider. Whoever this person is - they're making quite a fuss and clearly trespassing.

"I'm afraid we have to stop your joyride here! This is a private property!"

The motorcycle finally halts on its tracks by then, stopping right in front of the gate and its fearless guards. Their dedication to their duty is so commendable that they haven't even wavered when the vehicle pauses in just a few mere inches away from them.

"Now then, let's see who you are-"

"Sorry, gentlemen. I didn't mean to come unannounced..." the rider cut the guard off before eventually taking her helmet off.

"Correct me if I'm wrong. This is the Millicent's private beach resort, right?"

Then, they gaped.

As soon as Cassidy finally revealed her face, the security guards froze on their spot almost instantly. They are so astonished that their eyes bulge wide before suddenly starting to gleam in awe, looking like they just saw a goddess in the flesh. For a moment there, they even failed to recognize her as that demure and stiff-looking woman they came to know.

"Y-Yes, Ma'am...!" one of them almost shrieked before bowing hastily.

"Forgive us for trying to stop you!"

"Well, you really needed to since I couldn't just crash the gates, right?" Cassidy replied with a small chuckle, much to their s

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