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Sophie remains in a thunderstruck state for a long fraction of a moment, looking completely caught off guard.

Never did she think that she would be crossing paths with Cassidy so soon. She really didn't recognize her at all. If the store manager did not ask for her name, she would stay oblivious the entire time.

But then again, anyone who had little contact with her would not probably recognize her as well. She appears very different now - even more than last night. With that red hair of hers, she definitely looks like a whole new person.

"Cassidy... Millicent...?" the store manager blurted out in deep thought, trying to recall where he heard that name before.

"Y-You mean... that Cassidy Millicent?!"

As soon as it clicks in his head, he ends up reacting thoroughly astounded. His eyes widen like that of an owl while his jaw drops for the nth time that hour. It's so unexpected that he's finding it hard to believe.

After all, the wife of the head of the ever prominent and influential Millicent Inc. is quite well-known in the world of commerce despite her limited contact with people. She is said to be an untouchable beauty who always appears reserved and detached. Aside from her enviable charms, she possesses an overwhelming abundance of affluence that makes her one peerless personality among the country's wealthiest -

Or so, that's how far the tittle-tattles go.

"Ummm... Can I get my receipt now?" Cassidy asked with her head tilted quizzically, unsure of what made him speechless all of the sudden.

"W-Wait, Ma'am...! I still haven't offered enough service to you. Allow me to tour you around our shop," the store manager replied hastily, making her blink rapidly in surprise.


"Or perhaps, you would like to see more of our deluxe collections? We have new arrivals as well."

"No, it's fine. These are all I want."

"T-Then, Ma'am, how about this...?"Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-wife-was-a-delinquent_18735892106947505/unknowingly-meeting-the-archenemy_52477646747001994 for visiting.

For this is her first time visiting their store, he finds it important to leave a lasting impression on her so that she will find it in herself to come back again. But since it's already much too late for any grand welcome, considering that she seems to be in a hurry, the store manager just comes up with another idea - one that will not take any more of her time.

Having someone like her in their store right now is already a valuable rarity. He can't possibly keep wasting her time any longer.

With those in mind, the store manager immediately takes out a small box from a drawer behind him and offers it to Cassidy.

"Here you go, Mrs. Millicent. It's our store's gift for you. Take it as a form of our good will and a token of our appreciation. Thank you for shopping with us and I hope you'll come again," he said with so much deference that all

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