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After coming up with the decision to crash the family dinner after all, Cassidy proudly faces her adorable nephews who are now looking up to her expectantly.

"Alright, kids! We're going on the trip to that ice cream parlor!" she enthused with a grin, making both Hugo and Joshua brighten up in delight.

"B-But wait, Aunt... We're still talking about the dinner, though?" Damien chimed in, not expecting that all it took to change her mind in just a matter of seconds was something as simple as ice cream.

"Sure, I'll go...! Is that fine, bossman?" she then asked and turned to her husband.

"You're certain...?" Adrian replied in surprise and confusion to which she only nodded in reply.

"Well, if you say so. Just to let you know, though - once you step in there, it will be hard to go out."

As his wife only pushes his warning aside with a cheeky smile and a dismissive shrug, he can already tell that she is up to something - time and again.

Though disappointed, her changing her mind like this is fine with him. Besides, she appears like she has everything under control somehow.

He's not going to ruin her fun by being overprotective of her again and reasoning without any basis that her unascertained assassins might come after her. Besides, he will be there with her, and so are their bodyguards.

However, it's not just her pursuers that he's wary of. His mother invited a few guests over, so he was already expecting that those inquisitive people would come trapping his wife in conversations and scenarios that she might not feel comfortable with.

Gertrude herself might not let Cassidy get away this time around.

'What's more, there's Irish...' Adrian thought with a sigh.

'She was the one who reassigned our maids in the mansion for no good reason at all. Up until the last time I called her last night, she kept making excuses. She even threw a tantrum when I told her that everyone was fired.'

Throwing a tantrum is all his sister can do, though. She can't defy him or go against his decision.

However, he has a feeling that it will not be the same case with his wife. Her anger seemed more directed to her when she was talking with him on the phone last evening. Because she let her vexation distract her the whole time, he couldn't get a proper explanation from her in the end.

In any case, Adrian will make sure that Cassidy isn't going to face anyone's wrath there.

'All those things are indeed my top concerns, but...' he continued to brood before taking out his mobile phone from his pocket and staring down at it in dismay.

'It's a shame that I have to cancel our date at that restaurant."

In reality, Adrian had planned to take Cassidy out to a beachside dinner date instead of going to their family dinner.

He made a reservation at another place that has a beautiful evening view of the beach. It's a famous tourist attraction around there. But before he could even tell her about i

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