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Charmed by Cassidy's lovely blushing face, Adrian continues putting dirty ideas in her head through a subtle yet sexy manner - by whispering in her ears with that rich throaty voice of his, that is.

At that point, he is barely holding himself back. He only wanted to mind her seductive apparel tonight, but he ended up staring too much when he was examining her from head to toe for the nth time that evening. With that, he found himself falling for her charms all over again.

"Damien's right, though. I had forgotten to tell you how beautiful you were in that dress. But you know why, Cassidy...?" Adrian purred while tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear, making her shiver a little from the light touch of his warm fingers.

"I was too focused on those moths who were attracted to the flame."

"Moths?" Cassidy blurted out, puzzled.

"Yeah. Those little insects that I badly wanted to trample down. Kept swatting them away, but they'd always come back. Seriously, it's really vexing me... But then again, who am I to blame them? I can't blame them at all."

That's when he suddenly tightens his grip around her waist and pulls her closer. He then rests his chin on top of her shoulder and stares at her face with longing and admiration. She is practically caged in his huge arms now, engulfed by his possessive embrace.

"I am also but a moth who is attracted to you - at quite a dangerous extent, I must say. You're just so beautiful tonight that I can't help but want to keep you all to myself," Adrian confessed with a helpless look on his face, beholding her beauty like a lovestruck dope all over again.

As much as Cassidy wants to take that compliment like how she did with her nephews earlier, she knows that there is a whole different layer of intimacy in those words. She hates to admit it, but she is kind of drawn to that soft yet intoxicating voice of his. This time, she isn't sure if she can reason out that every woman will definitely react the same to an extraordinarily handsome man like him.

"I hate you, you know that?" Cassidy pointed out absentmindedly, too caught up in the moment that she was not able to push him away.

"Yeah. I'm aware..." Adrian trailed off before heaving a defeated sigh.

"Still, I love you."

At that, her eyes widen in surprise and her entire body stiffens.

This is her first time hearing him say that out loud. Perhaps, the same goes for him since he himself freezes for a bit as soon as he realizes what he has just said. It's like time has stopped for both of them at that very moment.

Yet seconds later, saccharine silence and a peculiar sense of serenity sprawl between the two - almost as if there's this spell that's been cast to bring forth some sort of magic that they never knew could exist.

Cassidy thought that Adrian would eventually pull away after realizing that he did not plan to say those words at all. But then, she is taken aback when he only squeezes her tighter as i

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