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As rigid as a stone.

That is Cassidy's first impression on Gertrude - or at least, that is how the eighteen-year-old her perceives the woman. It's just that she has a very stern front and strict posture even if she does appear elegant and somewhat transcendental.

What's more, her mother-in-law is wearing quite a c.u.mbersome apparel. She has lots of expensive jewelries all around her body parts and her face is dripped in dark-colored make-up.

Cassidy is not really one to judge people by the covers, but since there's the fact that Gertrude is her cold husband's mother, she knows she ought to brace herself.

"Good morning, Ma'am..." Cassidy greeted as she descended the stairs and made her way to her.

"Wonderful weather, ain't it? So, how's it going?"

Not really certain of how rich people start up a conversation, she just ends up eventually deciding to go with the flow and shooting her mouth off. Even then, she still maintains a respectful approach and greets her as pleasantly as she can.

"I see that you did change a lot..." Gertrude started with an ambiguous overtone, confusing her a little.

"You didn't even appear that stiff and worked up. In fact, you look quite loose now."

"Uhhh... Thanks?"

Again, not sure of what she's babbling about all of the sudden, Cassidy just responds according to her own interpretation. She does hope that rich people don't have some sort of language that commoners like her don't understand.

"I'm not complimenting you. I'm saying that you lack character and discipline..." her mother-in-law sternly pointed out, still not showing any emotion other than apparent dissatisfaction.

"Looks like you have to undergo lessons again."

"Huh? I'm going to school?" she asked in surprise and bafflement.

"Of course not. Why would we let people know about the wife of Millicent Inc.'s CEO repeating her study? You'll humiliate the family even more than what you're already doing."

As Gertrude dropped these words while obviously shaming her daughter-in-law, she just goes ahead and walks past through her. At the very moment she stands side by side with her, though, she halts on her tracks for a second to examine her from head to toe.

Cassidy is presently wearing a simple denim shirt dress with a brown belt around her waist, which doesn't really pass her fashion standards.

"Please, do something about your appearance. The lady of my son's house shouldn't be wearing such plain outfits even if you're just inside the mansion. What if people walk in and see you like this...?" Gertrude chided with a hint of disdain and contempt in her voice, rolling her eyes at the same time.

"Take responsibility for troubling us for the past few weeks by pretending to be decent at the very least."

With that, she proceeds to walk further inside the mansion. Her daughter-in-law only remains quiet and still on her spot, trying to let all her contemptuous remarks register in h

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