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On the patio of the Millicent's private beach resort - one that has a clear view of the sun-kissed, lacy sea waves, there stood an eye-catching masculine figure.

Eye-catching due to his stunningly symmetrical profile, l.u.s.trous light brown hair, deep ocean blue eyes, and toned muscular build. Though he possesses the aura of imposing prominence, he still carries the air of a debonair and amicable gentleman.

"Why isn't he answering?"

As of this moment, Edward is on his phone, trying to reach Adrian. The birthday party is about to start in just a couple of hours, but he still can't get in contact with him.

His brother sent a text message earlier, telling him that their car was stuck in the middle of a service road. It turned out that the reason why he suddenly went missing was because he returned to his mansion to escort his wife.

Edward was taken aback by that at first, considering that Adrian never paid any extra attention to Cassidy like this before. In fact, the married couple usually goes out in separate cars. But then, he recalled that his wife had just gotten into an accident recently, which was probably why he decided to do what he did.

"Well, there's that but... Why isn't he picking up any of my calls?" Edward asked to no one in particular, thinking that it's so not like his brother to ignore anyone's calls.


At the arrival of an unexpected company, he lowers his cellphone for a moment and turns around. There, he finds his mother making her way to him along with Sophie who's been tagging behind her for a while now.

At first glance, these two may look like they have a close relationship, especially with how they often bond like a true mother-and-daughter duo, but Edward has his silent suspicions for some time now. Though Sophie has indeed contributed a lot of things to the family's business, all she's probably really after here is a certain brother of his.

While it may be true that she did publicly display her romantic feelings towards him back then, it should already be a given that she would give up since he's married now.

"Where is Adrian? I haven't seen him since this morning," Gertrude inquired, a stern frown marring her frame - just like usual.

"Oh, that... I received a message from him a few minutes ago. He told me that he came back to the mansion to get his wife-"

"Wait, what?!" Sophie then suddenly cut him, reacting completely nonplussed.

The two of them turn to look at her in surprise, not expecting her somewhat exaggerated response. It's not everyday they find this elegant and demure lady lose her composure as well as her perfect poise.

Then again, the only thing that will ever stir her up this much is her target of affection, though they're not really aware of that.

As soon as Sophie saw Gertrude's displeased reaction to her shrill, she hastily collected her bearings once more. She couldn't afford straying from the public's angelic imag

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