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Though bewildered, Cassidy has no choice but to follow Adrian when he suddenly starts running to a different direction.

She can't afford to talk now if the smoke bomb is indeed a trap. Alerting their enemies to where they are is the least that she wants to happen. Not to mention, her sensitivity to danger is telling her that the best thing to do in the meantime is trust him. He must have noticed something.

'But where is he planning to go exactly?' Cassidy wondered as Adrian pulled her further and further away from their companions.

She then looks down at the hand that is gripping hers. It sure is big that her own fits well in it - a thought makes her think that he can be quite a man indeed. She probably didn't realize before, but his hand was also a little rougher than she expected. Being the wealthy big shot that he is, she assumed that he got better skin care or something.

'Wait, why am I thinking about this now? I don't have a fetish for hands,' Cassidy grimaced while shaking her head back and forth, trying to flush out her thoughts.

'Seriously, though, where the heck is he going at this situation-'

Right then, she got cut off by the loud scream of an all-too-familiar voice.

Olivia had shrieked in the midst of the chaotic exchange of fired bullets.

Cassidy could tell that it's different from the ones she kept making earlier. It's louder this time, for one - so loud that she even managed to hear it despite the deafening noise of all the gunshots around them. What's more, it almost sounded like she was calling out to someone. It was very dreadful and spine-chilling.

The first presumption she came up with was that one of their companions had been shot.

"H-Hey... W-We have to go back..." Cassidy stuttered, her saucer-like gaze slowly turning dim and terror-filled.

"We can't lose anyone. We have to go back."

"It'll be worse if we do that, Cassidy..." Adrian reasoned out, feeling just as distraught as her but chose not to show it.

"Don't worry. It'll be over soon. Besides, I don't have any more ammunition. I doubt you still have too. Just what can we do there-"

"We have to go back!"

He halted on his tracks the moment he found her making a desperate expression. She is nearly pleading at that point - she really does want to go back. However, he can't risk getting any more casualties or wasting all of their efforts so far. They're still not even sure what the scream was about in the first place.

And she can't get caught no matter what.

"Listen, Cassidy. Help is already on their way-"

Then, he paused.

Right when Adrian was about to calm Cassidy down, the sound of approaching footsteps alarmed him. They're nearby. That gets him taking action in an instant and dragging her out of there again. He had to do it with a little bit of force this time since she wasn't giving up with her idea.

"What're you doing?! No! We have to go back!" she kept bolting out to him, infuriated.

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