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It had already been five days since Cassidy went missing.

By this point, Adrian is starting to lose his mind.

He would not eat properly, and he would barely get some sleep. Though his physical body is at rest, his mind is far from that. He could not calm down at all. There was not a time that he did not think about his wife. It was her he could ever think about - her well-being, safety, whereabouts, and everything.

Every second, minute and hour of the day she was not there was like hell to him. He would dream about her at night - her smile, laughter, and even her touches. Only then does he feel at ease. He feels perfectly fine when he can see her right beside him. But then, that only tortures him as well. That is because he will only get to wake up from such a beautiful dream to face the nightmarish reality in the end.

Up until the last day of his stay at the hospital, that nightmare continues - his beloved is still nowhere to be found.

"Adrian, we're going back home. Not to our vacation houses. We'll leave this place," Gertrude ordered the day before he would be dismissed.

"I'm not leaving until Cassidy comes back," Adrian firmly protested.

"How many times do I have to tell you that the others will just take care of that-"

"And how many times do I have to say that I'm not going anywhere without her? You can just leave on your own. Leave already. In fact, you're better off not showing your face to me anymore-"


Appalled by what his son said, she bolted out of her seat and stomped her way in his direction. He only returns her fuming reaction with an icy-cold expression. His siblings can only watch from the side as both of them begin yet another heated exchange. It has been like this ever since he has woken up. Their family dispute is getting bigger and bigger that it is starting to spiral out of control.

And it all began after Adrian learned that Gertrude told Cassidy to leave on the very night he was sent to the hospital.

Ever since then, he thought that she was the reason why she was able to leave that easily - without any of them noticing right away, that is.

"You do know that I'm still your mother, so you better listen and do what I say-"

"I've had enough of all of this! You kept telling me what to do! I'm not a child anymore...!" Adrian cut Gertrude off and retaliated without hesitation, making her flare up even more.

"If I get to learn that you really are the reason why she left, I'm no longer sure how I will ever treat you, Mother."

"Ha...! That's only your obsession talking, child. You are misled, and that is because you are still too young. What if she left on her own? She could leave, you know. Our family doesn't need her, anyway-"

"Mother, stop that! You're already going far too far..." Olivia cut in all of the sudden, finally stepping in between the two.

"I may have gone along with whatever we are putting both Adrian and Cassidy through, but enough

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